Daily Eats: Quarantine Style – Stay Home Diaries #3

Sipping coffee


Just snapped this photo as I sat outside with Abby drinking coffee, going through photos from yesterday, selecting which ones I’d share with you today on the blog.

Abby playing while I sip coffee

She played while mom sipped coffee and selected photos.

It’s super misty and cozy this morning. I am now writing you from my home office. (More on the now home office later in this post.) I’ve got daily eats to share with you today!

Before we dive in… I want to preface this post by saying that this post is NOT for comparison – to compare your eats to mine. Rather, these posts have always been and will always be about inspiration.

Inspiration surrounding: new ideas around food; freedom with food; and trusting that YOU can listen to YOUR body and what feels good for you, as I listen to mine and do what feels right for me.

If these posts are triggering for you in any way, please dive into these posts instead.


Intuitive Eating book club

Monday morning started out taking care of my TGV sisters, as it always does. Every Monday, I wake up, pour my coffee, and create something new for them first thing.

Right now, we’re wrapping up our Intuitive Eating book club. We’ve been walking through all 10 principles of IE for the past 10-weeks.*

(*Note: ALL book club audios and Zoom video calls are saved inside The Growth Vault, so if you join now, you can still access 100% of the content and read along.)

Next, we’ll be walking through Authentically You (which I just freshened up) for 8-weeks. I. can’t. wait! If you’d like to join us, hop into TGV today. We start AY on the 27th – there’s plenty of other resources to soak up in the meantime.

Birch Benders Paleo pancakes

Once I finished adding new content to TGV (I spend the first 2-3 hours of my Monday in TGV – setting them up for the week, adding new content, scheduling out future coaching calls, etc.) I took a break for breakfast.

I had Birch Benders Paleo pancakes. Yum! So good. I had these for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I love how filling they are and how easy they are on my tummy (no negative side effects – I do really well with cassava flour products). I had this plus one more small guy.

After breakfast, I got back to work for a couple of hours:

  • ✔ planned out my week (work and personal)
  • ✔ checked client emails from the weekend
  • ✔ set up new clients and clients who are renewing their work
  • ✔ checked all social media messages
  • ✔ finished my taxes
My downtown office

Once I was done with work, I headed to my downtown office with Marco. It was a Monday and NO one was there. Such a weird time.

We packed up the rest of my office to officially move me home. We got all my things in one trip and piled into my home office so I could organize and get it all set up before client days start this week (Tuesday – Thursday).

I had until April 15th to decide if I’d renew another lease (we do three month increments) and I decided not to because of the stay home order and not being sure of how long it will go on.

I am officially back to a home office for now (which has MANY perks that I cherish!). If you’d like to hear any more about what went into this decision, if that would help you, let me know. I’ll write a post on it. Because I really thought about this.

Simple can of soup that sounded good- I mixed this with some Miracle Noodles

Before I started setting up my office I took a break to eat lunch. I ate a simple can of soup that sounded good (I’ve been craving all beef and nearly zero chicken). I mixed this with some Miracle Noodles I had leftover, topped it with parmesan cheese and avocado squares. Yummm. Sooo good.

I forgot to take a picture of the actual meal (it was pretty!). You guys have to bear with me – whenever I get back into daily eats I notoriously forget to take photos of food at first because I’m out of the habit – ha!

My office working from home
My office working from home
My office working from home

After lunch, I finished setting up my office and I am QUITE content with it. Happy that it feels like “mine” with more of my things in it now. I left the stars up (this used to be my friends little boys room) because they make me happy!

(Some of you may not know, but we sold our home in Reno, moved back to SLO and are staying with friends – we have our own space – until we find our next home to buy. So grateful.)

When I finished setting up, I did some more relationship work:

  • ✔ checked client emails
  • ✔ checked in with our TGV community
  • ✔ checked my Instagram messages
  • ✔ mapped out the next 8-weeks of Authentically You (join us in TGV here to go through AY with us starting on 4/27!)
Running with Abby

After work, I put on my running clothes, grabbed Abby’s leash and took her for a run. She’s the best. I love running with her. She makes it so great!

Abby playing outside

We get tired. We have fun. She’s my best little bud. I love her so much.

Stretching work out area

During this quarantine Marco and I have just left this mat and step out. When I got home from my run I stretched and used the bench for abs, push-ups, and sit-ups. I also randomly made up a little step routine because a really good song came on (haha!).

Abby sunbathing

After the workout we sat outside with water to cool down. Abby played. I took off my sweatshirt and sat in the sun. So nice. It was a beautiful and sunny afternoon.

La Parrilla - YUM. Carne Asada burrito

For dinner, I called in burritos to La Parrilla and Marco picked them up. YUM. Carne Asada burrito (told you I’ve only been wanting steak!). Soo good.

Marco and Abby eating ice cream, sitting in the sun, with socks and flip-flops

Marco’s quarantine wardrobe often includes socks with flip-flops. Ha! Watch the progression of the photos when he realizes I was taking photos of him eating ice cream, sitting in the sun, with socks and flip-flops. Ha!

Marco eating ice cream, sitting in the sun, with socks and flip-flops

He’s like “really?”

Marco eating ice cream

But here’s proof that I just love happy photos of him eating ice cream. Haha! This was from our apartment in 2013. I mean… like a kid in a candy store! Look at that joy! (I love it!)

Relaxed Mind Yogi tea

After dinner I cleaned up, we sat outside and soaked up some more sun while Abby played, did a little laundry, and then I made some Relaxed Mind Yogi tea while we relaxed in bed and looked at houses online.

We went to bed by 8:00 pm. The night before was a record breaking 6:45 – haha!

I’ll continue to snap photos this week to document our food and days through Shelter At Home. I love getting to share and document these days with you.

What’s bringing you joy as you Shelter At Home? If you’re an essential worker (like Marco) and are going to work, what is bringing you joy?

Wherever you are, whatever your circumstance right now, just know that you’re being thought of from this corner of the globe.

Sending you all LOVE!

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