Daily Eats: Quarantine Style – Stay Home Diaries #7

Good-morning friends!

It’s a misty morning around here. Chilly but cozy! I almost forgot about these misty/dewy California mornings when we moved away. Reno is very dry so they don’t have this type of weather.

Speaking of Reno, they’re hopping into spring/summer now and so we really need COVID to end so we can go visit friends because the weather there is the best in the spring/summer!

Coffee On Monday

Before we dive in… I want to preface this post by saying that this post is NOT for comparison – to compare your eats to mine. Rather, these posts have always been and will always be about inspiration.

Inspiration surrounding: new ideas around food; freedom with food; and trusting that YOU can listen to YOUR body and what feels good for you, as I listen to mine and do what feels right for me.

If these posts are triggering for you in any way, please dive into these posts instead.


1/3 of my leftover burrito

Monday morning started off with blogging to all of you (here). As I finished up my blog writing I got a bit hungry and grabbed the last 1/3 of my leftover burrito. Ah, sooo glad I saved it. It was so good. I could eat Mexican food daily.

Green chile/beef Siete tacos. I cooked the beef with a small can of green chili's and popped it into a Siete tortilla, salsa on top

A little while later, after a few more hours of work, I got hungry and made more of these green chile/beef Siete tacos. Yummmm. Sooo good. I cooked the beef with a small can of green chili’s and popped it into a Siete tortilla. That’s it! Oh, and green salsa on top. Sooo good and easy.

leftover chips from burrito night, with a side of guacamole

A little while later before I went for a run with Abby I snacked on leftover chips from burrito night, with a side of guacamole. Yummmm.

When I say I “went for a run with Abby” what I really mean is I started to take her for a run and then she took off and caught a squirrel and my sensitive self was so sad for the squirrel! I do think he got away. But MY LORD.

I took her back home and finished the run myself because… uh, I couldn’t see that again. At least not in the same day. I ended up going for a longer run and it was so much less fun without my girl! Though, it was relaxing, which is why I kept going.

brown rice pasta with chicken, marinara sauce

For dinner, yuck. I mean, this was good but I’m looking at it right now and that chicken. Chicken has not been sounding good to me. I am experiencing a strong chicken aversion. Which I sometimes get really random weird aversions to food (it even happened to me once with… COFFEE! What?!)

I’ve been wanting beef only. But chicken is what we had. Honestly if I had to remake this right now I’d just leave the chicken out and have it meatless. Next time. Ha!

If you’re into chicken right now (haha!) this is brown rice pasta with chicken, marinara sauce, and yep! That’s it! Pretty simple. And normally would taste really good to me!

I cooked the chicken about 3/4 of the way through and then let it simmer on the stove until fully cooked with the marinara sauce. It was good! I just wish it were beef πŸ˜‰

Our quarantine food is running way low so Marco is going to the store today (Wednesday).


eggs, potatoes, and ground breakfast sausage

For breakfast on Tuesday I went for it and made us eggs, potatoes, and ground breakfast sausage. Yummm. Soooo good. I wish we had more eggs in the house – I’d make this again today!

Since Marco is restocking the fridge today, we’ll have this (leftover potatoes and sausage) with eggs tomorrow. Yum!

Brown rice with marinara and pita

I’ll just leave this right here. You know what it is πŸ˜‰

We ordered from The Porch in Santa Margarita. I got this roast beef sandwich with grilled peppers and onions on sourdough.

And for dinner. YES. Beef! We ordered from The Porch in Santa Margarita. I told Marco I wanted something Philly Cheesesteak like. So I got this roast beef sandwich with grilled peppers and onions on sourdough. Holy heavens was this good. It came with fries and I ate every bite.

As we sat outside, eating dinner and watching Abby play, I said to Marco “sometimes you just really need a good greasy meal.” It’s true. Anyone else feel this way? Sometimes I just really need for the food to hit my belly.

K, I want more of that cheesesteak now, ha!

I hope you enjoyed this post! We’re well over here. No complaints. Other than we just miss being able to go out when we want to, probably just like you!

How are you doing?

I’ll be back Friday with more eats. If you have a request for a blog post, leave it here in the comments. Have a great day πŸ™‚

Love, Paige

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