Daily Eats Return!

How the heck long has it been since I’ve posted daily eats? I don’t even know! But they’re back today, and you guys do not even understand the struggle of yesterday as I was trying to remember to take photos of my food. It was so hard to get back into that routine!

Before we dive in I’ll remind us, as I always do, that the purpose of these posts is to give YOU freedom with your food, trusting that if someone else can have freedom around food, you can too.

You do not need to count calories, restrict certain foods (unless cutting something out feels best for you – no shame), or be super rigid in order to feel good. At least I don’t, and I believe the same for you! Let’s enjoy our calories, not count them. That’s what I say!

gomarco bar

Breakfast yesterday was black coffee with this GoMacro bar. It’s what we had in the house. Marco and I got back to SLO yesterday from Ventura, and are spending a couple of days here. It was so nice to see my little house – I hadn’t been home in 5 weeks.

Since I hadn’t been home, there were no groceries in the house. So, this bar did me well for breakfast and then Asia and I went to Trader Joe’s around noon. We got ingredients to make a great salad together and eat at home – so nice!

steak salad

Lunch was a steak salad (the steak was pre-made from Trader Joe’s and totally delicious!). It was so simple. The ingredients were: three different salad blends mixed together (power greens, romaine, and lemony greens) with bell pepper, goat & parmesan cheese, broccoli slaw, and chia seeds. Yum! The dressing we used was an olive oil & red wine vin from TJ’s.

luna red tapas

After lunch we went to Asia’s office for a bit to work. LOVED having my friend to work with! Ah, I missed this… After work, we took a break to hit Luna Red’s (a fav restaurant in SLO) happy hour. We shared potatoes, bacon wrapped dates, and this new chili goat cheese dip. Holy heavens. This food was so good!


For dinner (well, actually Luna was kind of dinner?! Really, we just had small meals through the day) we went to our friend Mallory’s house for girls night. We ate yummy chili (Mallory, thank you for this photo since I didn’t remember to take one!) and watched Practical Magic. I’d never seen it and oh, how spooky but so fun! Did anyone else grow up watching that movie? I’d only ever seen Hocus Pocus!

cheese broom sticks

I also had to take photos of these adorable snacks that Mallory put together… I can’t believe how cute they are. They’re broomsticks made from string cheese, chive, and pretzel sticks!

I hope you girls enjoyed this return of daily eats. If you want to see more daily eats, scroll down and leave a comment to let me know! I’d love to do more if I get the requests to do so 🙂

Happy Halloween! 

Love, Paige

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