Daily Eats + My Sautéed Spinach Obsession

I want to blog blog blog blog every dang day right now. This is so fun! I’m feeling super-charged with energy after my vacation! Today I’m sharing daily eats from the past two days. We’ve had SUCH good food. I couldn’t wait to get back into the kitchen!

Before I dive in, I want to remind us that these posts are not for comparison, to tell you what to eat or when you should eat it. Rather, they are here to inspire you, give you food ideas, and to encourage you to give yourself permission to listen to your body as I listen to mine.

If these posts are triggering for you in any way, you have permission to exit outa here right now. Perhaps you’d enjoy this post I wrote more: How to Find Out if You’re Ready to Stop Dieting & How to Start.


Wednesday morning started out with an early morning walk with my friend Brittany around SLO. Ah, it was so nice to wake up and start my morning with a good walk!

When I got home I made breakfast with Marco: eggs scrambled with chicken sausage, sautéed bell peppers, feta cheese and a slice of sourdough toast on the side. So good!

After breakfast I had an early morning client (such a good session!) and then went to the gym with Marco. While there I hopped on the elliptical for a bit, listened to music, and then worked out my legs.

When we got home I warmed up some split pea soup that Marco’s grandpa had sent us home with. Yum! Sooo good and fresh. We had more sourdough on the side.

I tried this bar in the afternoon as I was feeling hungry and did not like it at all. I shared on Instagram that I’d rather have a GoMarco bar (fav!) and many of you wrote in and shared that I should let it thaw out and get to room temperature first. So, I’ll try that!

I stuck the bar right back in the fridge and grabbed a bowl of seaweed salad to snack on instead. Now THIS was great! I get this seaweed salad from Costco and it’s one of my favorite things to have around the house to have for a snack when hunger hits.

For dinner, Marco and I had caesar salad, salmon, and potatoes. All from Costco again. We started with the salad as we were hungry while the salmon was baking.

I sautéed the potatoes in a little avocado oil and sprinkled them with sea-salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Yum! The salmon is the pesto butter salmon from Costco. It’s my FAVORITE.

We bake it, but if you prefer grilled, a friend of mine shared that she grills hers and then lets the butter melt over the top once it’s off the grill.

Around 9:30 I was hungry again so I made a super random snack of potatoes with hummus and tatziki. This was just okay, but did the trick for my hunger before I hopped into bed!


On Thursday I woke up at 5:30 and started the day with coffee and blogging to all of you. I wrote about the 5 Things Colorado Taught Me. You guys seemed to really enjoy that post! Thank you!

Around 8:00 I made breakfast for Marco and myself. I repeated the same breakfast from the day before but added some leftover potatoes in and skipped the sourdough. Yum, this was so good!

For lunch I made a toasty tuna sandwich and shared it with Marco. We had some tortilla chips on the side.

Mid-afternoon right before mine and Simi’s Finally Free coaching call I made some avocado toast on sourdough to give me energy to get through the rest of my coaching day with a clear mind. This did the trick just perfectly. And that’s kombucha that you see in the background.

After a full day of clients and coaching Marco and I had dinner at home. I’m drooling as I share this dinner with you because it was THAT GOOD. I reheated leftover salmon, chopped up some fresh avocado, cooked quinoa, and sautéed a ton of spinach with olive oil and garlic.

Holy heavens this spinach is so good I could literally drink it. I cannot WAIT to make this again today for lunch with the last of our leftover salmon!

That’s it for daily eats! I’ll be back next week with more posts, so be sure to come hangout here!


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Love, Paige

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