Daily Eats: Seriously Falling In Love with San Luis Obispo

Guys, I’m falling in love with my little town. I can honestly tell you that two months ago I was doubting that I’d ever be able to say this with that true, all encompassing “I love this place” feeling.

Sure, I’ve liked SLO since we moved here… But I never felt totally at home… But now, I’m feeling like I’d be sad if we left. Every day I’m feeling happier here, and am so thankful for this move. The more friends I meet, the more grounded I feel. I owe it all toĀ meetups for bringing me friends!

breakfast burritos

Okay, I guess I owe it to myself to for having the you know what’s enough to go to the groups. Gotta give myself some credit for that, right?!

Let’s dive into eats yesterday. It was a tortilla day, for sure. See yesterday’s post if you need to understand why I’m totally okay with eating three tortillas in one day šŸ˜‰

BreakfastĀ started out with an egg, cheese, and dads homemade salsa burrito. It held me over for about 4.5 hours until lunch.

albondigas soup

Lunch was dad’s albondigas soup (yes, I’ll share a recipe if he shares it with me!) with a tortilla for dipping. So great. You know this soup is good since I still wanted it in 94 degree weather. If you didn’t know, 94 is really, REALLY hot for us Californians. šŸ˜‰


At about 5:45 before I met up with a new friend for coffee I made a small snack. I didn’t quite want to eat dinner yet (I wanted to have more time to eat dinner) but I was also slightly hungry, so I had a snack of two crackers with turkey before I left.

We met for coffee at Scout. I’ve been getting a whole lotta Scout lately–no complaints here! I ordered a decaf soy latte while there. Iced, for sure! Oh, and I didn’t open the Kombucha above. I decided to save it for tomorrow (which is today–I’m glad I did!).

burrito dinner

We sat and talked for over two hours, which felt SO fun. As I said, the more great girls I meet, the more I’m loving this new little town of mine. I’ve discoveredĀ that PEOPLE are what make me feel rooted. I’m a relationships girl, for sure! Which is likely why I love my one on ones so much.

When I got home, I sat down and fully enjoyed my dinner: a chile verde, rice, and bean burrito. All leftovers from visiting my parents over the weekend. Soo yummy! Today was the last of the leftovers…Ā I’m going to miss your cooking dad!

Okay girlies. I’m not sending out any more email/blog reminders for Girl Talk… so if you’re here now, make sure to jump on theĀ list so youĀ don’t forget. The recording will be sent out this Sunday at 9:00 AM Pacific.Ā 

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Love, Paige

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