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Thanksgiving Day How To Not Get Stuffed

Good-morning y’all! Watch the 1:34min vid above to hear about mine & Simi’s Thanksgiving Handout 🙂 XO!

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Now onto Daily Eats from yesterday 🙂

eggs and toast

Breakfast yesterday was eggs & toast with the Husband.

asian chicken salad

Lunch was a salad with spicy peanut dressing, romaine, spinach, chicken, and avo. Yum!

mashed taters

Afternoon snack was a little bowl of mashed tater’s… I decided this was boring and went for something more flavorful instead.

chips & salsa

Chippies and salsa. SO much more flavor 🙂 I think I just learned that I really only like tater’s when they have gravy? Maybe? 🙂

Dinner was split pea soup at Mom and Dads with a piece of cornbread. Forgot to take a photo 🙂 Text convo had me at “Spl…” I really just wanted to spend more time with Mom & Dad before we leave!

Daddy Poo <3: Split pea soup with cornbread it’s yummy.

Paige Schmidt, HC: Yum!

Daddy Poo <3: Do you already have plans for dinner?

Paige Schmidt, HC: Off at 6:30 then can come!

Daddy Poo <3: OK will be here. Love you.

Paige Schmidt, HC: Love you too!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

xo, your coach

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Love, Paige

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