Daily Eats: Sometimes, You’ve Just Gotta Have Fun!


I’m back with more daily eats, a definite favorite around here. Did you catch my eats from the weekend, which I posted on Tuesday?

Before we dive in, I just want to say that these posts are NOT for comparison (if these posts are triggering for you in anyway, scroll THESE posts instead).

I share my eats in hopes that you’d leave here today feeling inspired and full of PERMISSION to listen to YOUR BODY, as I listen to mine. I hope these posts fill you with the FAITH you need to let go of ALL food rules/control (just as I have!).


Over-Medium Egg, Sourdough Toast and Coffee for Breakfast

Monday started off with a little bit of work and coffee in my office. Following, I showered, put on clothes for the day and my friend Nichole came over to work from my place.

I had a late breakfast that day of an egg (over-medium), piece of sourdough and another cup of coffee.

Lately, I’ve been putting collagen powder, a little sugar, and vanilla protein drink in my coffee. It’s so good. The collagen has no flavor, but a little froth. The protein drink (Premier Protein from Costco) makes it creamy. Yum!

A Big Tossed Salad For Lunch With Trader Joe's Southwestern Chopped Salad Kit, Salami, Leftover Pasta With Chicken, and Avocado

For lunch I tossed a big salad together which included the southwestern chopped salad kit from Trader Joe’s, salami, leftover pasta with chicken and avocado. This was SO good. I love doing this with leftovers!

After lunch Marco and I went to the gym. When we got home we had a few crackers with cheese and salami before we spent an hour cleaning the house together. (Cleaning goes so much faster when there’s two of us!)

Spaghetti With Parsley and Nutritional Yeast On Top

For dinner we had leftover spaghetti with parsley and nutritional yeast on top. Sorry the photo is a little blurry, I forgot to pull out my night-time photo lamp. Whoops!


For breakfast, I had a plate of leftovers which was palak paneer, channa masala, potatoes, and avocado. I took a photo but it came out way blurry (again, whoops!).

Paisan's Deli's Italian Sandwich on Dutch Crunch Bread. My favorite grab and go lunch in Reno, Nevada.

I had a late lunch this day, after working. I called in a sandwich from Paisan’s deli here in Reno. It’s exactly what I was craving so I put in the effort to go and grab it. So glad I did! Yum!

This sandwich was an Italian on dutch crunch bread (favorite). They call it “Nonno Ben’s gourmet sub” because it was the owner’s grandfather’s favorite sandwich. I told her I’d enjoy it in his honor, and I so did!

Taco Night With Our Friends Including Grapefruit and Tito's Vodka Drinks on the Side

For dinner, we went to a friends house for taco night. I had these two tacos plus one more. I also had a good amount of grapefruit and tito’s vodka drinks. We had a blast. I even learned to ride Marco’s mini dirt bike (70).

We stayed until 1:30 AM. The latest I’ve stayed up since… high school? Ha! Abby played with her best puppy friend, Texas. It made us so happy to see her up and having fun (she’s been under the weather).

It was a great night and Marco and I slept until 10:00 AM the next day. Sometimes, you just gotta have fun!


Eggs and Sourdough Toast for Breakfast With Orange Juice, Coffee, and Chlorophyll Water

After our night out and sleeping in late, we woke up and I made us breakfast. All of the liquid and eggs and toast. I had orange juice, coffee, and chlorophyll water (my new favorite thing!).

My friend Bry told me about chlorophyll water because she’d heard about it on Lauryn’s podcast. She was describing to me how the chlorophyll basically helps our cells absorb water better and hydrates us.

I talked to the vitamin guy at Sprouts when I was buying the drops to ask him what he thought. He said “Well, since chlorophyll is the closest thing to our blood, that makes perfect sense!” (That it would be hydrating.)

Here’s my experience. I have always been someone with chapped lips — always. I drink loads of water. I always have a bottle with me, but my lips are still chapped. Most would say that means you’re dehydrated.

Well, I’ve noticed that since I started putting these drops in my water, my lips are so soft. They’re no longer chapped. Crazy, right? So, from my personal experience, it’s definitely working to hydrate me!

Here are similar drops, if you’re curious. I got the Sprouts brand if you have a Sprouts near you.

Grab and Go Subway Italian on Herbs and Cheese Bread for Lunch With Chips, Chocolate Chip Cookie, and Whole Milk.

Marco and I spent the morning running errands together. On our way home, I realized we were out of groceries, so we stopped at Subway and split a sandwich.

I was sitting in the car working (texting with a couple of my private clients) while he went inside to order. He got an italian on herbs and cheese bread and it was so good. Good sandwich making, babe! Totally hit the spot.

On the side I had a few chips and a chocolate chip cookie (with whole milk). Yum!

A New Side Table From TJ Maxx For My Coaching Nook in my Home Office.

After lunch I spent some time working before my friend Nichole came over and headed out to go shopping.

I wanted to go to TJ Maxx to get a few organizing containers (thanks to Tidying Up on Netflix, I’m going to organize Marco’s side of the closet!) and a side table for the new coaching nook in my office. Shopping, success!

Next on my list is to go through my office bookshelf and keep only the books that “spark joy.” Marie Kondo, you’re so good. I’d also like to get a live plant for my office. Maybe I’ll do that today!

Sprouts' Cheesey Jalapeño bread to Snack on While we Cooked a new Recipe From the Healthyish Cookbook.

After shopping, Nichole and I stopped by Sprouts for wine, snacks and the ingredients to make a recipe from my new Healthyish cookbook. Included in the snacks was this cheesey jalapeño bread. It was as good as it looks, yes!

We nibbled on this and a few Mary’s crackers with spinach dip while we cooked. Heaven!

Steak, Potatoes With Vinaigrette, Parsley, Chives, Basil And Caesar Salad For Dinner Using the Recipe From the Cookbook Healthyish.

For dinner we made steak, potatoes (with a vinaigrette, parsley, chives, and basil) and caesar salad. So good! Marco loved everything but the potatoes (they were too vinegary for him) but Nichole and I loved all of it.

I ate most of my plate, but did pack away some leftovers for tomorrow. It was a filling meal, for sure.

We got the recipe from the cookbook Healthyish.

Thanks for following along with my daily eats! I appreciate you more than you know. I hope this post gives YOU permission to listen to (and trust!) your body, as I listen to mine.

Love, Paige

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