Daily Eats + Strength and Joy In Hard Times (Video)

Goooooodmorning ladies! Currently sitting at Starbucks in SLO with Asia having coffee and our morning bars (GoMacro for me, Quest for her). Today is a good day, because after I finish up work, I’m headed to Ventura to see mama.

In fact, I’m headed to see mama AND spend the night with a few of my cousins for the night in a hotel to get in some good girl time. These are the things in life that make me happy.

Speaking of happy… Yesterday I filmed a video called “Strength and Joy Through Hard Times” talking about what this past year has been like since my sweet mama Dot was diagnosed with cancer, and the responses I’ve received are the best – YOU GUYS are the best!

If you’d like to watch it, click play below…

Strength and Joy Through Hard Times

Today, I’m sharing Wednesday’s eats with you, and Monday, I’ll share Thursdays eats with you! Getting back on this daily eats train for a bit, ladies!

Before we dive in to daily eats, I want to remind us that the purpose of sharing my eats with you is to give you an example of what it looks like for me to have total freedom with food, without the diet mentality. These posts are not for comparison, but inspiration only. Enjoy!


Daily Eats | Sourdough toast with Kerrygold butter, scrambled eggs, chicken sausage links, and bacon for breakfast.

Wednesday morning started off with blogging, coffee, and breakfast with M. This week, we’ve been loving “big breakfasts” and it totally reminds me of when I was in elementary school and would do standardized testing and my mom would make us a big breakfast. Anyone else?

This day we had sourdough toast, eggs, bacon, AND chicken sausage. How lucky are we… 😉

SLO What Magazine by Asia Croson Photography | The best walls to take photos in front of in San Luis Obispo, California

After breakfast I met with a client, and then ran over to meet Asia to take photos in front of Bubblegum Alley. Have any of you *who aren’t from SLO* heard of it? Asia is doing this fun spread in her magazine (SLO What Magazine) with the best walls in SLO to take photos in front of!


After our little photoshoot, I walked over to Bello Mundo for coffee with my friend Brittany. Ah, such a good coffee date, with one of the first friends I met when I moved to SLO. I ordered a cappuccino – my current favorite, next to blonde roast black coffee from Starbs (can’t get enough).

Daily Eats | Leftover brown rice pasta with homemade pesto, chicken, parmesan cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes. So simple and delicious!Afternoon coffee date with my friend at Bella Mundo Cafe in San Luis Obispo, California. I ordered a cappuccino - my favorite and go-to drink!

For lunch, I had leftover brown rice pasta with pesto, homemade chicken (wwhhhhaaaatt? I meant chicken and homemade pesto – coffee is still kicking in!), parmesan cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes. So simple and delicious! I love having leftovers for lunch! 

Daily Eats | Mary's Crackers with Trader Joe's Olive Tapenade - definitely a "take the edge off" kind of afternoon snack

For an afternoon snack and between sessions, I grabbed two crackers with olive tapenade. Definitely a “take the edge off” kind of snack so I could continue working.

Daily Eats | The perfect evening cup of hot tea - Throat Coat

After work, Asia came over and we planned our “Best Day Ever.” A couple of days ago I thought to myself: “Wouldn’t it be so fun if Asia and I thought of what our best day ever in SLO would be, and then did it?” I mentioned it to her, and she was 100% in right away. Can’t wait to share this day!

While we were planning, I sipped on this throat coat tea (no sore throat, just LOVE this tea and Asia bought me a box!) and cooked dinner.

Daily Eats | A simple, but delicious enchilada-inspired meal that makes a lot of leftovers

Dinner was inspired by a recipe my dad made last week. It’s sort of like enchiladas, and sort of like a casserole!

  1. I lined a big baking dish with two brown rice tortillas (got them slightly wet first so they wouldn’t get get crunchy)
  2. Next, I added shredded chicken (cooked in the CrockPot for 3 hours on high in just chicken broth), pinto beans, olives, and cheddar cheese
  3. I topped it with two more brown rice tortillas (also wet) and more cheese
  4. I baked it for about 20 minutes on 350, and on top of each serving added sour cream and salsa

So easy! And so delicious. Will definitely be something I make again, because Marco loved it too. If any of you make it, let me know!

That’s a wrap for Wednesday, ladies! A simple, but delicious day of eats that gave me a lot of leftovers (which I love, because then I’m only actually cooking a few times during the week!).

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I hope you all have a beautiful weekend. I’ll see you back here Monday. Oh, and if you head over to my Instagram (@paigeschmidt) TODAY before 7:00 PST, I’m doing a health coaching binder giveaway! 

Love, Paige

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