Daily Eats: Taco De Mexico with My Hubby

cucumber snack

Good-morning all! I have another day of Daily Eats for you :).


I woke up around 7:30 with Marco & did a little bit of work while I sipped on some black coffee.

When Marco left for work at 9:30, I left for the gym. I did some walking at an incline while listening to lectures from the IIN Immersion Program. This is where I’m finding my love from Danielle LaPorte! That post coming next week :).

brussel sprouts

Breakfast: I got home around 10:30 and was super hungry by this time. I snacked on some sliced cucumbers (top pic) while I made breakfast, which was 2 eggs over-medium & a big ol’ pile of brussels sprouts. I was craving them!

coconut oil coffee

Around noon I was craving some coconut coffee, so I made this cup & enjoyed it while I worked away at the computer & had Client Sessions.

cacao powder coffee

This cup of coffee had about 6 oz coffee (Honey Co. from Scout Coffee), 1 T. coconut oil, 1 T. raw cacao powder, and a little swirl of agave for sweetness.

spinach salad & tuna

Lunch: was around 2:30 and was a spinach salad with goat cheese, mandarin oranges, and so good tuna! This tuna had: mayo, dijon mustard, cucumber, and cilantro (mixed in the food processor).

taco de mexico

Dinner: when the Hubby got off work at 6:00 & called me walking out of the building I asked: “okay, for dinner we can either eat the leftover tuna in sandwiches for dinner, or (emphasis here) we can go to Taco De Mexico when you get home & get burritos!” OF COURSE he was all for the burrito’s!

So, we went out once he was home and each got a steak burrito. Marco also ordered a Horchata & a chicken taco, which is always fun because then I get a taste of each :). This burrito was so good, and I was so satisfied after! I at almost all of the burrito myself, but toward the end I felt myself getting full & handed off the last few bites to Marco <– pure excitement for him anytime I do this!

Now, to end:

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