Daily Eats & Taco Tuesday

Hey you guys! I’m back today with daily eats from yesterday and today. Ahhh, so fun to be posting some daily eats!

Before we dive in, I’d like to share that the purpose of sharing my eats with you is to give you food ideas and to inspire you to listen to your own body with food apart from rules, diets, or deprivation. These posts are built to give you freedom to listen to and trust in your own brilliant body!


Tuesday morning started off with coffee, quiet time, and working from home. Ah, I love slower mornings like that!

After working for a couple of hours I took a break for breakfast which was: corn tortillas, eggs, avocado, and salsa and a little refill on my coffee!

I got back to work, had a couple of phone calls and took a break around 1:00 to have a small meal before my supervision coaching session with Evelyn Tribole. I am finishing up my certification to be an Intuitive Eating Counselor – fun, right! More specific for what I do than “Health Coach,” so I am excited!

After I ended work at about 3:00 I got super hungry again, so I sat down to a bowl of chicken adobo, rice, tomatoes, and avocado with Bragg’s liquid amino’s on top. Yum!

I then had a piece of chocolate with a few sips of coffee (didn’t end up finishing this coffee) while I relaxed and decompressed from the day with Marco.

At 7:00 we went to Marston’s for Taco Tuesday with our friends. I ordered my current favorite drink: gin and lime juice (no sweet stuff, just pure fresh squeezed lime) shaken, ice cold and in a martini glass – yum! (Well, only if you like gin – ha!)

For the tacos I got a “Cali” taco (bacon, guac, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and cilantro) and a “Western” taco (ground beef, bacon, onion rings, shredded cheese, and BBQ sauce). Yeah… yum, right! Such a fun night out with friends!


Today I woke up at 6:15, had some coffee at home and then headed out to take a Bar Method class.

After bar, I came home, made breakfast, and got dressed for work. Breakfast was so simple – two eggs, two corn tortillas, a little cheese and then here’s a kicker… a little bit of organic ketchup! So weird, but I’ve been craving anything with even the slightest vinegar flavor today so ketchup sounded amazing.

After breakfast I met my assistant Olive for coffee at Scout as we did her one year check-in (fancy!). I’m so grateful for such an awesome assistant. Lifesaver! After coffee, we came back to my office and worked for a couple more hours before I left to Podcast with Asia and Amy.

While I was at Asia’s office I snacked on this bar because my energy started to dropppp around 1:00 pm. Thankfully I usually keep a bar in my bags/car.

After podcasting I ran home and ate this small lunch to tide me over while I met up with another one of my coach friends, Brittany. This bowl was rice and chicken adobo, which was leftover from the weekend visiting my dad. Yum!

After that meeting I took a break from work for an hour or so, went grocery shopping (Trader Joe’s) and came home to cook/eat dinner. I baked a simple butter pesto salmon from Costco, microwaved some asparagus, and paired it with rice (already made) and tzatziki. Holy moly was I craving this! So good – hit the spot!

Thanks for hanging around and reading my daily eats, you guys! What’s on the menu for you guys this week? Any super specific cravings like I have for vinegary foods? Share below!

Love, Paige

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