Daily Eats: The Best MELTY Open Faced Sandwich

Good-morning girls… Ah, finally a break from the heat today… It’s nice and overcast here, and I can feel the cool breeze coming through our windows. What a nice feeling…

As I go in to sharing my eats, let’s remember that the purpose of sharing my eats with you is to show you that it’s possible to feel great in your bodies without diets, deprivation, or counting calories… through eating intuitively and learning to HONOR and respect your bodies, which are a gift. Remember, there was a time where I thought this was IMPOSSIBLE for me to do… and now, years later, it’s one of the best changes I’ve ever made.

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not hungry for breakfast

Yesterday was a bit of an odd day for me (odd, meaning unexpected) as I never got hungry for breakfast. I decided to just go with it, since I knew I could take a break and make myself something right when I got hungry. I went ahead with my normal morning… Blogging, sipping coffee, and working from home…

Normally, I would eat breakfast anyway within a few hours of waking, because I’m not a fan of skipping regular meals, but yesterday it felt okay to just be calm and experiment, so I did. 

sandwich with grilled veggies

My hunger hit with a growling belly as it’s first sign at 11:30. My hunger likes to hit me like that, most of the time. A growling stomach, needing to be fed immediately. No graceful signs like the rest of the world. Ha! Kidding… Of course, without breakfast, it hit me good at 11:30.

open faced sandwich ideas

So, I made this amazing open faced toasted sandwich. You guys. I’m so serious. This was SO freaking good, and I need you to make it. I know I say a lot of things are good, because I love good food, but really, make this!

First, buy a couple of bags of frozen fajita veggies from TJ’s. Cook both bags in a large pan (or two separate smaller ones) and some olive oil. (Side note, I really want to tell you to make bacon FIRST, and then pour the grease out, and use the thin coat that’s left in the pan to cook the veggies – but I know not everyone wants to make bacon also, haha. But if you DO! You can use bacon for breakfasts, sandwiches, pasta, etc… all week as well!). Store the veggies in a glass container through the week, and enjoy the veggies in burrito’s, in quesadillas, with chicken, etc… Do whatever you need! But, make sure that you try it this way at least once!

How to: Toast a slice of sourdough first. When it comes out of the toaster, add a little bit of organic mayo (TJ’s), two slices of turkey (get the good stuff!), and then add your peppers (heat them up first). Once you have a thin layer of peppers, add your slice of Havarti (try THIS cheese with it) and put it under the broiler. I promise, you’re going to be so happy!

homemade peanut butter smoothie

Mid-afternoon, about 4 hours after lunch I was hungry again. My hunger felt like a mini growling belly. Not quite “growling,” but I could feel an emptiness. Basically, I knew it was time for food. I already had my heart set on a PB & chocolate smoothie once I was hungry again, and hooray! That craving was still there when my hunger hit. So, I made it… And it totally hit the spot.

Inside: 1.5 frozen bananas, a handful of organic spinach, about 3/4 cup of organic whole milk, 2 heaping spoonfuls of PB (just peanuts), 2 spoonfuls of ground flaxseed, and 1 spoonful of raw cacao powder.

nachos for dinner

When dinner time hit, around 6:00, I wasn’t hungry at all. I was still fully satisfied from my smoothie a couple hours earlier. So, I made M nacho’s knowing that I could eat the next time I was hungry.

We’re actually out of our main groceries for the week, so now we’re getting creative so we can use everything else up before hitting the store again.

Anyway, I hungout with Marco around the house for the whole evening. And my hunger showed up around 8:30. I made myself and identical plate of nachos as they sounded so yummy.

My nacho’s: (all organic) yellow corn tortilla chips, mozzarella cheese, pinto beans, pico de gallo, salsa verde, sour cream, and cilantro.

I’m curious today, and would love for you to help me out!

Are you an IE blogger? Or, do you know of other IE bloggers? People who promote listening to and honoring their bodies, and don’t diet? I would love to hear the other places that you girls get inspired to eat intuitively.

Comment below and let me know.



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