Daily Eats: The Best Self Care Day Ever

Hey y’all! Happy Monday. I hope you had a good, restful, fun weekend. I’m here today to share last Wednesday’s eats with you. Still catching you all up on last weeks eats! This Wednesday I’m probably going to have to do a weekly eats post (multiple days in one) to really catch you up!


Daily Eats - A Gift for the Husband - 1 of 6

Breakfast – Bran flakes with pumpkin granola, almond milk, and flaxseed meal.

Daily Eats - A Gift for the Husband - 2 of 6

Lunch – This day I was basically eating what we had in the house, which actually turned out to be really yummy! Lentil soup (canned from TJ’s) with a side of toasted garlic naan with melted parmesan on top. Good lunch!

Daily Eats - A Gift for the Husband - 3 of 6

Wednesday felt like the BEST self care day & I wanted to share it with you. I started the day with quiet time (journaling, Jesus Calling, Simple Abundance, a candle, and tea). I ended work early at 2:30, which felt like such a reward for having all my to-do’s done.

I met a friend for tea at 3:00. After tea, I walked around town, bought myself a dress that was on sale at Gap ($12!), and then walked to a store here called The Mountain Air. I wanted to get Marco a gift and write him a card to let him know just how much that talk we had last Monday meant to me.

It’s amazing how good it feels to do something special/thoughtful for someone else just by choice (it feels different when you feels it’s out of obligation). I’d definitely say it’s a form of self-care, wouldn’t you? Kinda like how it feels great to sit down and write a spontaneous thank you card to a friend :).

Daily Eats - A Gift for the Husband - 4 of 6

I loved this card that I used, too. It’s from TJ’s, of course, because they have the best $.99 cards!

After writing the card and sticking the gift under his pillow (note: Marco was working until 10 this day, so I had lot’s of time to myself) I listened to a Geneen Roth call (LOVE learning from her!), took notes, and just allowed myself to do nothing else but listen to the call.

To end the night, I laid in bed and read Self-Compassion. A book that’s taking me FOREVER to finish, but is really good.

Daily Eats - A Gift for the Husband - 5 of 6

Dinner – For dinner I walked to Urbane Cafe, picked up a SoCal (chicken, avocado, chipotle sauce, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, all on their freshly baked bread) with a side salad (spring mix, balsamic, mandarin organges, and feta). I wanted a night off cooking, so this felt great!

Daily Eats - A Gift for the Husband - 6 of 6

Petite-treat – I ended the evening with a little bit of the Pistachio ice cream I’d forgotten about Tuesday night. SO good. Especially on a warm day.

I wanted to share this post with you (1) because it felt like a special day for me, and I wanted to celebrate it on the blog, and (2) to give an example of a self-care day.

Now, that being said… Self-care doesn’t look like this for me everyday. In fact, this day was more calm than usual, and my schedule happened to be super flexible.

I definitely have clients who find it hard to have a moment to themselves in any day. So for those of you who feel this way, please don’t compare. Rather, check-in and ask how you’d like more self-care.

Know self-care simply looks like checking in with yourself through the day, asking what it is you need (no matter how big or small) and being willing to give yourself that in some form. Even if it means sitting in your car a few extra minutes to enjoy a song.

You can even view self-care more simply as a mindset of self-compassion. 

Thanks for letting me share this day with you 🙂



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