Daily Eats: The Chocolate Cravings Are REAL

Morning, gorgeous! How are you today? Sleep well? I just got home from a walk with my friend Aubrey, am now sipping my coffee, and sharing with you…

Today, as I share my “Daily Eats,” keep in mind my reason for doing so: to show you that you can live a life free from diets, deprivation, and counting calories, AND still feel great in your body. Our goal here at Healthy Hits the Spot is to have FREEDOM with food. I hope these posts show you that this is possible – there’s so much freedom in intuitive eating.

Side note for new readers: for many years (see my story here) I was STUCK in dieting, and never thought I’d be able to stop. Eventually, I learned to listen to my body, and it’s the most freeing thing that’s ever happened to me! Now it’s my mission to show you how you can too.

Before we start, “IE note” means “intuitive eating note” which is just a space through my daily eats this week where I’m sharing any thoughts, reasons, or mindsets around certain choices that I made to help you!


eggs and toast

Breakfast on Tuesday was eaten immediately upon getting home from my walk & finishing up my blog post. I was SO hungry for this meal. “Eggs on toast” for me, “eggs and toast” for Marco. See the difference? Haha 🙂

carb cravings for lunch

Lunch was eaten early, as I felt super hungry around 11:00. I enjoyed my leftovers from the night before, plus a slice of pizza that my Dad had made the night before (see post from yesterday).

IE note: I was hungry earlier than usually, and reminded myself it was totally okay. I wanted a bigger lunch than usual, and reminded myself it was okay. I wanted ALL carbs for lunch, and reminded myself it was okay, and that my body must have needed the carbs.

Out with the food rules, in with trusting that your body is SMART and will ALWAYS balance herself out.

(The pizza on the right is Marco’s.)

crackers and cheese and turkey

Around 4:00, I made myself a snack of crackers, havarti cheese, and turkey.

IE note: Around this time I had about an hour and a half of work left, I was a little tired, and needed a pick me up. My real craving was chocolate (Talenti Belgium chocolate gelato, to be exact), but we didn’t have any… So, although totally different, the NEXT BEST thing that was at my parents house seemed like cheese and crackers. This was YUMMY, but didn’t cure my chocolate craving (as you might expect). So, I looked in the cupboards again, and found a hot cocoa packet, which sounded PERFECT.

hot chocolate PMS craving

I made my hot cocoa, sat down, took a total rester, and enjoyed this treat. After my hot cocoa I felt totally satisfied and my gelato craving went away…

noah burton

I finished up work after this around 5:30… closed up shop, and then sat outside with Noah while waiting to leave for dinner. I took a picture of him, and man… he looks like a funky old man (insert laughing emoji). I love this little monkey…

wood ranch bread rolls

For dinner we went to Wood Ranch in Ventura with friends. They have amazing bread rolls! I enjoyed one and a half while waiting for our food to come out…

organic margarita

…and also enjoyed two margarita’s. When I’ve gotten drinks lately, I’ve been all about margarita’s. A little different than my peach vodka soda chat with you all a few weeks back. I guess I’m over that drink for now?

chicken salad

For my meal I ordered a full house salad with blue cheese and added chicken. YUM! This was perfect and exactly what I wanted. I also had a few of Marco’s french fries dipped in ranch (also exactly what I wanted).

IE note: I looked on Yelp before we went to eat, because I was excited for the food and wanted to see my options… someone online had ordered a large side of fries and a small side salad for dinner, and I just knew I had to have that. Except, I was craving the salad more, and knew I’d feel better (and be happier) with a taste of fries and a full salad. So, I added some chicken so it’d be filling, and had a few of Marco’s fries. Cravings satisfied for the rest of the evening. BAM!

These past two days have been full of super specific cravings, mainly because it’s “that time of the month” and I usually do crave really specific foods during this time… While I’m sharing this, I also want to share that there are TOTALLY times when I have no idea what I’m craving, and it feels harder to choose what I want. This is also SO normal, so if you’re in this place, don’t feel bad! Sometimes, what helps me with this is too look through blogs (Cait’s Plate has some great/simple/yummy looking foods and for recipes, I love Pinch of Yum – uhm, like, I’m totally making today’s recipe!) and notice what sparks my attention. Also, these are the times where I feel like it’s oaky to just go back to basics (sandwiches, taco’s, burgers, etc…). Just go with it, there will ALWAYS be times when you know exactly what you want, and there will ALWAYS be times when you have no idea. This is a natural part of the process, and you’re doing great!

I hope you have a wonderful day. I’ll be back tomorrow with more eats, and on Friday, I’ll be doing a reader requested post on intuitive eating while on vacation. I’d love for you to join me.

Thanks for being here today 🙂



Love, Paige

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