Daily Eats: Total Dinner Fail – & the Husb Licked His Plate!

Morning girls! Happy Friday!

Tuesday was a special day. It was the day after that really good convo with Marco. The convo that helped me to feel uplifted, believe in myself, know my worth, etc… I felt so good the next day as I was living in the confidence/peace I’d gained through our talk.

For those of you who run your own businesses, you know how helpful it is to have people in your life who believe in you and encourage you along the way. I feel like Marco is my biggest cheerleader, and I love him so much for that. He was the same when we were just friends. < Need to update this post!



Breakfast – Bran flakes, PEANUT BUTTER granola (yum!), flaxseed meal, and almond milk with a side of tea. Since I was sick, I’ve been all tea and no coffee. Insane, right? I’ve just been loving the tea!


Lunch – Enchilada’s! The last of em’! See this post for recipe. I had Tejava, too. Who else loves this black tea?


Dinner – Side caesar salads (romaine, shredded parmesan, and TJ’s garlic croutons – I break them up into smaller croutons because they’re HUGE and hard to chew).


…Plus this dinner, which sadly, I was not into AT ALL and didn’t end up eating much of. I spent so much time cooking it, that by the time we ate I was over it. Plus, the recipe called for slightly breading the salmon, and let me tell you, I am NOT into breaded salmon. I felt like it ruined it.

Marco on the other hand, may or may not have licked his plate. And then eaten all of the leftovers the next day. Haha! SO, IDK, maybe it was just me? Rice, very lightly breaded salmon, green onions, and gyoza sauce (ONLY because we were out of soy, which would have been better).

After dinner we walked to the mini-market around the block and got ice cream, per my request. I so badly wanted to rid the fish smell in the house and taste something amazing (laughing to myself as I write this).

I chose pistachio flavor ice cream, came home, set it in the freezer, made tea, and ended up forgetting about it as Marco and I got sucked into a Netflix show – which I’m SO sad I finished! It’s called Young & Hungry and I just thought it was the CUTEST. Anyone else?

I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for being here with me! Come hangout on Instagram @healthyhitsthespot.



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