Daily Eats & Trusting Your Body (Even When It Feels Weird)

Ahhh, you guys. It’s a good morning over here. I woke up, poured myself a cup of coffee, and worked on Finally Free for a bit first thing. Simi & I are getting ready for our fall launch and we reached out to affiliates yesterday and soo many amazing women are saying YES!

If I wasn’t already in love with Finally Free and our community, I just re-fell-in-love with it all after this wave of positive response and excitement! Such a good way to start the day! And now, I get to come and share eats with you guys!

With today’s daily eats I want to remind you that these posts are not for comparison. Rather, these posts are for fun, inspiration, and as I give myself permission to listen to my body apart from rules my hope is that you would allow yourself to do exactly the same.


Yesterday morning started off with coffee, budgeting (yes I love budgeting and my friends all love to tease me about it!), and going to a Good Morning SLO meeting (put on by the Chamber of Commerce) around the corner from my house.

I went to support my friend Maggie, who is starting an AWESOME academy empowering future leaders – Savvy Leadership Academy! Maggie is a new friend who comes to all of our BYOB: Build Your Own Business events here in SLO. We love her!

When I got home I made breakfast: corn tortillas, eggs, soyrizo, and a little bit of cheese. I haven’t had soyrizo in SO long. I kind of forgot about it! It was delicious. I think I’ll repeat that breakfast today!

After breakfast Simi and I had our Finally Free meeting (yay!) where we weekly dream up current and future plans for Finally Free and put things into action. So much awesomeness coming for you and our community! Stay tuned for this fall!

Around 1:00 I took a short break to make lunch. I re-heated leftovers from the night before. Having leftovers for lunch makes my life so easy! I had salmon (cooked with pesto butter), rice with Tzatziki (still craving!), and steamed asparagus sprinkled with sea-salt. So fresh and yum!

I headed out to a coffee shop to work after lunch. I needed to change up my environment if I was going to do more writing! I went to Scout, ordered a cappuccino, and sent out my VIP Q+A newsletter to you all (you can sign-up for these at the bottom of this post)!

Who saw yesterdays VIP Q+A email? It was all about being sick and tired of bingeing, especially once you’ve already begun to eat intuitively and how you can stop. My goal in that email was to help you to feel more normal, less bad, and give you hope. Hope you got it! If not, email me and I’ll forward it to you!

When I got home from coffee I spent some time cleaning/straightening up the house (this is totally how I unwind – what about you?). Then my cousin called me and we talked for a good hour while I prepped and baked the pizza I was having for dinner (this did not take an hour).

On the pizza: TJ’s gluten free crust, pesto, chopped up tomatoes tossed in olive oil, sea-salt, and pepper, pieces of steamed asparagus (using what I had), chicken (already cooked from the week), mozzarella cheese, and some feta sprinkled over the top. I forgot artichokes!

This pizza was SO good!

I want to share a note on intuitive eating: I sat down to eat this pizza, had these two pictured slices, then noticed I wasn’t full and wanted more. So I had a bit more and still wanted more until I’d eating the whole pizza.

It’s not a huge pizza, but a decent size. My old thoughts would have felt so guilty that I’d eaten a whole pizza and I probably would have continued on to binge because “I’d screwed up the day.” Even if I were hungry, I would have judged myself for eating a whole pizza.

Instead, last night, I simply observed. I thought things like “Okay, I guess you’re still hungry! Go ahead, have more.” I also thought “Isn’t it interesting that sometimes just half this pizza fills me up, and that tonight I need more?” I did not judge. Only observed.

I share this with you guys to say that as you listen to your body, there are totally going to be those moments where you think “mmm, this is weird… is this really okay to do?” It’s okay to question things like this. Just follow those questioning moments with listening to what you need – trust your body. She is SO smart.

I ended this meal feeling so satisfied. Not overly full, and really, not even “full.” Just normal. I hope this gives YOU permission to listen to YOUR body today, whether you need less than you’d expect or more. In those moments of questioning (“is this okay?”) take a leap of faith. Give yourself permission to really listen today.

Tell me, are you guys enjoying these daily eats posts? Would you like to see more next week as well? Any topics you’re dying to hear more about? Let me know in the comments! What are you guys up to this weekend? Any fun plans? Share with me! And come hangout with me through the weekend on Instagram @paigeschmidt!

Three more things:

  1. Women are LOVING my free 10-day course, Authentically You (you can learn all about that course HERE and you can sign-up in the header of the homepage on my site)
  2. I created a new Facebook page where I share updates and I would LOVE if you would quickly go and give that page a thumbs up here! You’re great, thank you! (Guys, it’s hard to start a new page and build it from the ground up all over again, haha!).
  3. The newest testimonial from my sweet client Perry is live on the success stories page. Check out what Perry has to say about our work together! It was an absolutely JOY to work with her these past six-months! And now her space is open for one new client to join me (Interested? Fill in this form)!
Love, Paige

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