Daily Eats: Turkey & Artichoke Cheddar Melt

Today I am sharing eats from last Friday. I made the most amazing turkey & artichoke melt, and am sharing that recipe here! 

eggs and toast

Breakfast – two over medium eggs & one slice of multigrain toast from Alpine Valley. Mmm!

smoothie leftover

Mid-morning snack – leftover smoothie from the day before. It turned green overnight!

turkey sandwich melt

Lunch – turkey melt with artichoke, tomato, & mushroom. I’ll list the ingredients for you below. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  • whole wheat tuscan pane bread slightly toasted
  • mayonaise & mustard
  • chopped artichoke hearts & mushrooms (chopped up in food processor)
  • sliced tomato
  • turkey slices
  • 1 slice of cheddar cheese
  • Place all together (as you see) under the broiler until the cheese gets little bubbles

blueberry smoothie

Afternoon pick-me-up – smoothie (same as Thursdays smoothie, see here).

quinoa tofu and black bean bowl

Dinner – Tofu, Quinoa, & Chicken Bowl (same as Thursdays dinner, see recipe here).


The evening was filled with unplugging, watching movies with the hubby, and checking-in early for bed. Thursday through Saturday we have to wake up between 4:30-4:50 for Marco to go to work. At this time, I head to the gym. It’s the easiest time of day for me to go. It’s nice getting to leave at the same time as him!

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xo, your coach


With these “Daily Eats” posts I hope to show you that it’s possible to live a healthy life & feel good in your body without counting calories. 

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Love, Paige

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