Daily Eats: When the Fridge is Bare

I’m back with another daily eats post, per your request! Thank you girls so much for letting me know what you love to see around here. Several of you wrote in saying that you’d love to continue seeing daily eats, so I’m doing my best to keep those going.

Today’s daily eats are coming to you on a day where my fridge was totally EMPTY. I thought to myself “Is this too boring to post about?” But then remembered that you all ALSO have days were you get home from being gone and your fridge is totally bare. So, I went with it!

Marco and I just got home from Ventura again last night, so literally, all we had in the fridge was eggs, toast, butter, milk, and a few cheese slices. So I did what I could with what I had and made the most of it!

Before I dive in, let me remind us that the purpose of sharing my eats with you is to empower you choose to listening to your own body over following any one set of strict rules (dieting). Instead, I want you to know that you’re capable of listening to your bodies signals to learn about your own unique wants & needs.

I also want to remind those of you who are looking to join Authentically You that tomorrow is the last day you can join and receive early bird pricing! All in honor of my birthday!


Breakfast was my usual favorite: over-medium eggs chopped up with toast and coffee. Yum! Always hits the spot, and never gets old.


After breakfast I got ready for the day and met Asia at Starbucks to do some work. We worked until I had to head back to my office to meet clients from 12:00-7:00. I got a cappuccino while we were there and finished it throughout my workday.


For lunch I made a toasty grilled cheese. As simple as could be and delicious. Literally all we had other than a can of soup – grilled cheese sounded better.


Mid-day between client sessions I got hungry but needed to keep working. So I grabbed a GoMacro bar and cup of black coffee – one of my favorite combo’s!

If you notice in the bottom right hand corner of this photo it says “Friday – delete AY call.” I recorded a free call for you today and it’s coming out tomorrow. It will be available on my birthday only, so make sure you get it & listen tomorrow! It’s my gift to you!


Before my last sessions I turned the CrockPot on with a few pieces of frozen chicken and a bag of frozen brussels sprouts – all we had left in the freezer. Haha, seriously scrounging! I threw this together with green salsa and turned it on for two hours (it was such a small amount it didn’t need much time). Voila! Dinner!


Dinner did not photograph well (sorry, guys!) but sure was easy. Not something I’d make for friends, but definitely something I can do with when I want a quick/simple meal. I made a tiny bit of rice to go with the chicken and brussels sprouts, dripped some Bragg’s Liquid Amino’s over the top and called it dinner.


As I mentioned, tomorrow is my birthday and I’m quite excited about it! You guys have no idea the intensity of self-care I have planned for myself after this heavy year (haha!). And yes, it’s all planned out because it’s been so long since I’ve had a full day to do whatever I want – taking advantage of every minute!

Here’s my plan:

  • 7:00 – have coffee in bed with Marco before he goes to work & read birthday cards from parents (mine & Marco’s – Marco’s grandpa calls me “Healthy Hits” & “Healthy Hits the Spot .com” – I love it)
  • 8:30 – get the first massage I’ve ever had (no joke)
  • 10:00 – FaceTime my sweet mama DotDot
  • 10:30 – mani/pedi
  • 12:30/1:00 – lunch with Asia
  • afternoon – buy myself a new iPhone & maybe do some shopping!
  • 6:30 – dinner with my girlfriends & a totally relaxing evening
  • 10:00 – hang with my hubby when he’s off work

I went a little heavy on the self-care, didn’t I? Just what I was hoping for! To be totally honest… I even tried to schedule a haircut but my girl is out of town ;).

As I shared, tomorrow is ALSO the final day I’m giving away an early bird discount when you join Authentically You! We start Monday & I have a group course & self-study course available! I’ll also have a free call available for tomorrow only, so make sure you grab it! It’ll be on the blog first thing in the morning.

Authentically You is an 8-week course that empowers you to strip free from old rules and/or restrictive behaviors that have been holding you back from being the most alive, authentic version of yourself! 

Need to know’s:

  • The next round of Authentically You starts Monday November 7th!
  • The last day to sign-up is Sunday, November 6th! If you’re ready to commit now, in honor of my birthday I’m giving away early bird pricing until midnight tomorrow, Nov. 3! I’m offering the self-study version of the course (no group coaching calls) for $197 and the live group coaching course (I’ll be there to support you – let’s do this together!) for $347
  • On Friday November 4th, the prices will go up to $297 for the self study course & $497 for the group coaching course!
  • Enroll now!

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