Daily Eats & Working from SLO-Town

Good-morning, beauties!

I hope your Thursday is off to a great start. I’m in my office, cozy, drinking coffee, and writing to all of YOU. Ah, I adore you girls.

I’m coming to you today to share daily eats from yesterday. I’m getting in the swing of using my camera again, and am even considering doing a month long daily eats challenge throughout December ;). What do you think?

Before we dive in to daily eats, I want to share with you WHY I share my daily eats: My hope is that through me sharing my eats, you will experience a feeling of freedom that allows you to listen to YOUR own body today. That you’ll walk away with the confidence of, yeah, I can do this too! I don’t have to diet to be healthy. I am in control of my own choices and feeling good. 

Because girl, you are!

Wednesday Eats –

eggs and toast

Yesterday morning started out with two over medium eggs for breakfast chopped up into a million pieces with two pieces of sourdough. One smaller piece + a heel. I know I’m not the only one who’s crazy over extra toasted end pieces. Right?

thank you cards to clients - health coaching

After breakfast I cleaned up, grabbed a cup of coffee, and got to work. Simi and I started the workday with a meeting about Finally Free Program and all we’re doing for our TRIBE community. Next Wednesday we’re hosting a live coaching call for them called “Happy & Healthy Holiday” where we’ll be providing support around Thanksgiving (which is Thursday!). We can’t wait! Want in? You can join Tribe HERE and will get access to our holiday support as well! 

After our coaching call I met with two of my one on one clients (I have three spaces opening in December and girls are scheduling their Clarity Calls now to make sure we’re a perfect fit! Get info on working with me one on one by filling in YOUR info here) and sent out thank you cards to some beauties who just graduated their six-month Program with me.

My heart was so happy yesterday working from my office and meeting with clients… I talked about it a bit in my Instagram story (@healthyhitsthespot). Speaking of Instagram stories… I need to hear from YOU girls. What do you like more? Instagram stories or Snapchat? Let me know in the comments!

stir-fry bowl

For lunch I took a break and had some leftovers that I’d made for dinner last Saturday. I’d made a stir-fry with beef sirloin from Trader Joe’s (it’s already cooked and super good!), fresh stir-fry veggies, and brown rice. We topped the bowls with cilantro, green onions, a little Bragg’s liquid aminos, and chili paste.

bello mundo coffee - flat white

After lunch, I finished up a couple more hours of office work, showered, got ready for the day (a little late, I know, but I was so enjoying a hair up, no make-up, cozy-pants kind of day) and met up with my girl friends for coffee at Bello Mundo and work. But, mostly coffee! 

My girlfriends continue to amaze me with their love & support (see this post on solid friendships). They’re uplifting, encouraging, prayerful, and the best listeners. We all need people like this in our lives, don’t we?

urbane cafe salad

On my walk home, I passed by Urbane Cafe and thought to myself… Yeah, I’m going to get a salad for dinner, and then hit Trader Joe’s afterward. I’d already eaten leftovers once yesterday, and a fresh salad that didn’t take any work on my part sounded incredible. I walked home, ate my salad, and went grocery shopping for the week. Perfect solo evening in my opinion!

jesus calling quiet time

When I got home from TJ’s I put the groceries away and set up for the next day. Set my outfit out, quiet time basket out, checked my calendar for today, and set up the coffee maker. After that I walked over to my friend Asia’s and we organized some of her clothes for the clothing swap we’re having this Friday. If you’re in SLO or near, reach out to me!

To end the day, Marco got home from work, I made him some dinner, and we watched Friends before bed. Really, really good day.

Okay, so things I’d love your feedback on from this post! Please comment on this post to let me know as much as you can from the following…

  • Do you prefer Instagram stories or Snapchat?
  • Would it be fun if I did a one month daily eats challenge and posted ALL of my eats? What would you like about this? Any other ideas?
  • How can I support you around the holidays and this Thanksgiving? What are your concerns? Excitements? Where could you use support around food?
  • If you want to join Simi & I for our Happy & Healthy Holiday Support call next week, join Finally Free TRIBE to get access to this call and all others we have – seriously, you get lifetime access to EVERYTHING!

Alright, beautiful. It’s time for me to take off. I’m headed out to meet my intern, and you’ve got a good day to be had! I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more eats!

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