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DaiGood-morning all! How are we? Did you guys enjoy yesterday’s post on meal prepping in a fun, non-chore way? I sure hope so! From the looks of things it seems like it was much loved.

Today, I’m going to share TWO days of eats with you. Before we start, let’s remind ourselves of the purpose of these posts: to show all of you that it’s possible to feel great in your bodies without diets, deprivation, or counting calories… through eating intuitively. I want this for each one of you. If you want more posts on how to eat intuitively directly in your inbox, enter your name and email here.


Daily Eats | Toast with Kerrygold butter and fried eggs for breakfast. Coffee on the side for me!

Breakfast was two eggs over medium and a slice of sourdough toast with Kerrygold butter and a side of coffee (raw sugar & organic half and half).

Daily Eats | Lunch was an open faced club sandwich & a side of fresh organic blueberries.

Lunch was an open faced club sandwich & a side of fresh organic blueberries. They’re so good this time of year!

The sandwich: toasted sourdough, mayo, mustard, bacon (prepped over the weekend – see here), turkey, thick slices of tomato sprinkled with sea-salt and pepper, arugula, and Havarti cheese… Mmm…

Lunch was an open faced club sandwich & a side of fresh organic blueberries. Daily Eats | Lunch was an open faced club sandwich & a side of fresh organic blueberries.

And look, I even took a picture to SHOW you how to eat an open faced sandwich (if you missed it, we were chatting about this in Monday’s post). Hehe! This one required lot’s fingers to hold it together. 😉

Healthy Hits the Spot | Daily Eats TWO Days - 5 of 14

In the late afternoon on Monday, M and I decided to go to the beach. We were both super hot. We packed up our beach chairs (we really love those things!) and headed out the door. While we were there, M suggested that we eat dinner there, in Avila. He said “let’s just eat here – we’re supposed to be ‘making memories, right?”. So, we did!

We went to “U.S. Custom House.” They brought out hot bread rolls with garlic butter right when we got there.

Yum. Garlic butter! Note to self: make this at home.

Healthy Hits the Spot | Daily Eats TWO Days - 6 of 14

To start, Marco and I split a cup of clam chowder and oh my gosh… This was hands down the best clam chowder we’ve ever had. There were so many clams, and they tasted so fresh and full of flavor. Yum!

Healthy Hits the Spot | Daily Eats TWO Days - 7 of 14

My main meal was… I’m sorry to say… So not good. Eeek! I don’t know how we went from amazing clam chowder to this….

That chicken, or whatever it is… Is so unappetizing… I “added chicken” to my salad, and got this.

Doesn’t it look like half canned chicken and half cooked? Anyway, I didn’t say a thing because I really wasn’t that hungry after the soup & sourdough roll. I just moved the canned looking chicken over, ate the cooked chicken, and a little bit of the salad… Never again.

Healthy Hits the Spot | Daily Eats TWO Days - 8 of 14

In the late evening, our friends Jenni & Geoff came over to play cards and eat dessert. How fun, right? This was Jenni’s idea… and I loved it! Jenni taught us to play Rummy, and let me just say, I need practice! Haha… I got my buns kicked.

Dessert was Pizookie inspired. You’ve all had a Pizookie from BJ’s, right? If you haven’t, google search Pizookie here. Yea, it’s good! This one is a homemade petite version.

All you need: cute little ice cream bowls (they make it more fun – Jenni can testify), 1-2 cookies (1.5 is perfect), 1-2 scoops of french vanilla ice cream, and a big spoon to savor each bite. Ah, so good!

I used TJ’s french vanilla ice cream and also their chocolate chip cookie dough (refrigerated brown bag, near the milk) because I think it’s the absolute best… So good!


Healthy Hits the Spot | Daily Eats TWO Days - 9 of 14

Breakfast was tiny, as neither Marco or myself were very hungry. I made M 3 corn tortillas with eggs, mozzarella cheese, and hot salsa before work… He decided he could only eat 2, and so I ate the third one for breakfast. I sipped water and coffee through the AM, and my appetite didn’t visit me further.

Lunch was an open faced club sandwich & a side of fresh organic blueberries.

Lunch was a repeat of yesterday’s open faced club sandwich and blueberries. Hits the spot every time.

Daily Eats | Creamy mango iced tea for a mid-afternoon pick-up drink. This was super mild in flavor, and refreshing.

In the mid-afternoon, I made a creamy mango iced tea. This was super mild in flavor, and refreshing. I prefer a little more sweetness than it had.

I think this drink would turn out perfect if you made mango iced tea overnight just liked you’d do to make sweet tea. Let the water really soak up that mango flavor… and then add a little honey and milk when you’re ready to make your creamy iced tea… Half tea, half organic whole milk, lots of ice.

Daily Eats | At-home dinner appetizer -  Arugula and baby spinach mixed side salad with balsamic, feta cheese, mandarin oranges.

Dinner was different for each of us. I started with a side salad that had balsamic, feta cheese, mandarin oranges, and argula/baby kale mixed together…

Daily Eats | Chicken with hot salsa, fajita veggies and sour cream, all topped with pico de gallo and cilantro.

…and then followed with rice, topped with pico de gallo and cilantro… chicken, topped with hot salsa… fajita veggies, and sour cream/hot salsa. I’m loving this plate right now. After the picture, I chop up the chicken and basically eat a little bit of each thing per bite.

Marco had leftovers from lunch, as he ate out during work and only finished half.

Talenti's vanilla gelato for a peitit treat after dinner.

Yesterday’s eats ended with petite treats of hot, fresh, chocolate chip cookies and french vanilla ice cream.

After dessert, we watched a “Hank Med” (aka, Royal Pains). While watching Netflix, my poor guy fell asleep. He hasn’t been feeling great this week. He climbed into bed super earlier, so I took the night to myself. I took a bath, started the Desire Map, and gave myself a little polish-less pedicure. I listened to music while I did all three, and went to bed feeling pretty good… The Desire Map is pretty inspiring, I gotta say.

Have any of you read it?

Before you go – I’d love to check-in and ask, easy style (just leave a comment – no survey necessary)…

Where are your top struggles right now, in your relationship to food and body? I would love to do a new series for you girls… What feels the most important to learn about?  

This feedback helps me to keep this place fun & encouraging for you. So, thank you… 🙂

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