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Hi all! Good-morning, and happy Monday 🙂 I am sharing eats from last Monday today. I hope you find lots of inspiration within this post, and some food ideas for your own week.

Before you go any further…

I wanted to share that I put together those workshops you all gave input on! You know… the ones on budgeting, organization, and meal planning (while eating intuitively)! And yes, I did this just for fun. There’s no sale at the end of this series, haha (we’re all so used to this in the online world!).

You can find the free sign-up page for the Healthy Hits TIPS Series HERE – enjoy! You’ll get the first video today, the second tomorrow, and the final one the day after. Spaced em’ out for ya 🙂

Now, for eats…

As always, let’s remember that the purpose of sharing my eats with you is not so that you can compare your eats to mine, but rather, my hope is that you would find encouragement within these posts to listen to your own body and to eat intuitively, without rules. That you would find freedom!


Egg, toast, and coffee

Monday morning started off with breakfast with Marco. We had over-medium eggs and sourdough toast. I also had a coffee with half & half and agave. AH, hit the spot at the start of the day.

Pesto sausage omelette

For lunch, I had leftovers from the previous day (a pesto sausage omelette from Big Sky Cafe with a few potatoes). Marco had my leftover taco from the night before. It was an easy, yummy lunch!

pita and hummus

After lunch I took off for a chiropractic appointment which was so good. Holy. Cow. My back has never “cracked” in so many places. I was sore for several days after – a good sore! When I came home from that appointment I put together this quick snack: hummus with whole wheat pita bread.

go macro bar

At 4:00 Asia and I went to a yoga class. I felt a wee-bit nauseated after my chiro appointment, so on my walk to yoga I snacked on a GoMacro bar in hopes of it helping me feel better – which, it did. Yoga with Asia was so great. We did a “Gentle Yoga” class and it was so relaxing.

Before we came home, we decompressed at a coffee shop where we each ordered kombucha. I loved this post-yoga unwind time. It gave me a chance to share a little yoga-epiphany I had with my friend. Asia calls this time being “yoga stoned.” Haha… it totally feels that way.

Dal Nirvana

After yoga and talking over kombucha (being yoga-stoned) I came home and had dinner with Marco.

I made this Dal Nirvana in the CrockPot (I threw all of the ingredients in at the same time and cooked it on high for four hours – so easy!). I also added zucchini and a diced onion to the mix – both things I needed to use. Oh, and I added some meat that was already cooked, which I also needed to use.

It was delicious! We ate it with rice and naan on the side. The only thing missing was cilantro since I didn’t set aside time to pick some up at the grocery store. But, we got it the next day to have with leftovers 🙂

Have a wonderful day today!


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