Daily Eats: Monday + What to Expect From Me!

scout coffee

Good morning all! Ah, today, I am here for some old school Daily Eats, which so many of you love! Hey, I love when other bloggers post their eats too. It’s fun, & I always get new ideas! Plus, walking with someone through their day just makes you feel like you know them more, which is always fun, right?!


Breakfast: Yesterday morning started with a banana & a cup of black coffee in my new Scout Mug (above).

easy hair style

I threw my hair up & got dressed (easy style) and headed to the bank with Marco. I had to open up my big girl retirement account ;).



After the bank, the Hubby & I continued our walk downtown and landed ourselves at Kreuzberg Coffee Co. We stayed for about 2 hours. I worked from my Laptop while my Hubby enjoyed his day off searching trailers on his iPad.

Our future (soon hopefully?!) dream –> to travel/live in an old school trailer for at least 1 year! I mean, how fun does that sound?

split pea soup

Lunch: Afterward, we walked home & I made us lunch. Split pea soup with tuna & toast. I say this every time: this meal tastes so much better than it looks!

Split Pea Soup & Toast: 2 cans of Amy’s Split Pea Soup, 2 cans of Tuna in water (drained) – both heated on the stove together. Split into two bowls & pair each both with a slice or two (these were tiny toasts) of toast with Kerrygold butter (only the best!) on top. Deeeelicious. If you like it spicy like we do, add Sriracha.

fro yo

Petite-Treat: After lunch my sweet tooth kicked in. I knew I had half of this (pictured above) FroYo left from our Sunday night outing. So, I let my belly rest for about 30-minutes, and then asked myself again. Yep! I wanted to enjoy the other half of my FroYo. So, I cuddled up with my Hubby & had the other half.

movie - the best of me

Interruption: Sunday night, we walked to RedBox & picked up this movie. It’s a Nicholas Sparks movie (like the Notebook). It was a tear jerker for sure! This is when I had the first half of my FroYo 🙂

OK, back to Monday. After my treat I worked & read for a while at home. At about 2:30 Marco and I hopped up and went to the gym. I walked/ran for 20 minutes and did about 6 sets of leg exercises. It felt amazing.

plutos in SLO

When we got home we showered & got dressed to go to dinner at Pluto’s with two friends that we’ve become close to here in SLO: Jeremy & Tera. It was so fun! I adore these two.

turkey in flight

Dinner: I ordered this “Turkey in Flight” sandwich which had turkey, swiss cheese, crispy bacon, red pepper artichoke spread, lettuce, and tomato. For a side, I had roasted veggies. LORD. This sandwich was incredible! The bread tasted like I was eating my sandwich on a buttery biscuit. It was heavenly.

Pluto’s also has incredible Salads. I knew so from Yelp. Which, by the way, I really want to update my Yelp. I have so many places to add & review!

cookie & milk at scout

After dinner we all walked around town and cured everyones sweet tooth. The boys got Chocolate Milkshakes from Old San Luis BBQ (at the bottom of Higuera next to West End Coffee) which are the best and Tera got milk & a cookie from Scout Coffee. I had a taste of the cookie & a taste of the milkshake & felt great (my sweet tooth was already cured from the other half of my FroYo earlier in the day.)

I took a picture because oh my gosh. How cute! I can’t wait until I get a chocolate chip cookie craving so I can enjoy this one!

We sat in the Coffee Shop for about an hour and talked away. When we were all ready to leave Marco and I walked back home & got cozy on the couch for a movie night. I had some Yogi Relaxed Mind tea as well. It was such a good day.

Finally Free Program

As you all may know (we did our best to remind everyone MANY times over) the early bird pricing for Finally Free ended yesterday at 12:00 ET. For those who still want to join, the doors for Finally Free are still open until March 31st at regular price (which is still such a good deal for the immense value of this Program)! More of you are still joining us, which is exciting! Come on in ladies.

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Finally Free Program - Promo

Here’s what you can expect from me this week:

  1. New Posts from me Monday through Friday
  2. This Friday, I’ll be emailing you a video with 5 Tips to Stop Binge Eating (theses tips worked SOLIDLY for me when I first broke up with bingeing). Sign-up for that email here & mark your Calendar to show up Friday.
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Now, it’s your turn:

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I am so grateful for each & every one of you! Thank you for reading!

xo, your coach


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