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Breakfast was 2 eggs + 1 veggie pattie


Mid morning snack was chia seed granola + organic blueberries & almond milk


Around lunch time I had a green smoothie


After lunch, I stopped by my parents house to throw some laundry in and I found their change jar! I smiled at my Dad when I found it… it was more like an evil smile… haha! He know’s I loveee change.. This time, I just rummaged through it to find quarters. I’ve done this since I was little. Tell me I’m not alone!? Ha!


After rummaging through the change jar, I went to my friend Nikki’s house. We went over some Stella + Dot, and she taught me the most awesome way to tie a scarf!

When I got back, I had two bowls of leftovers that my Dad had in the fridge… he seriously is the best coook..! The first thing was black eyed peas and greens, the second was potatoes cooked in coconut oil- this was good!


After snacking at my parents, My Mom and I went out for the day. We did some grocery shopping and went to Target. Love spending time with her!

When we got back, I got ready and headed out to Westlake to meet my friend Kayla for dinner at Sea Casa.


It was my first time there! Really great food!


For dinner, I got a Quinoa and Black Bean bowl. So good! It had cilantro, avo, red onion, tomato, and chicken on top. Next time, the only change I would make is to get the sauteed veggies instead of the chicken. The chicken was a little bit too dry for me (with salsa, it was fine, just not on it’s own).


After Sea Casa, I got a tea from Coffee Bean and walked around with Kayla to hangout some more. Such a fun time with my sweet friend 🙂


Yesterday morning was so fun. Marco and I got to spend time together with zero distractions and no work (like the weekend, in the middle of the week!) Went to the Gym, and then stopped by the bank! We are starting to save for the Wedding! Yep, back to planning! We are so excited!


For a quick breakfast before the Gym, I had a Snickerdoodle Larabar. Yummmm! I only bought three, so today I’ll be enjoying my last one. Going to have to buy more 🙂


For breakfast, I made Marco and I yummy yummy open faced omelets. Bet you’ve never hear of that before! 😉

I was actually going to make us more of a frittata, but ended up forgetting to put the broccoli and chicken in before the egg was cooked through. Darn! To fix that, I just threw the mixture on top, and it was still great!

IMG_4444.JPG IMG_4446.JPG

Mmmm coffee coffee coffee….

Hey ladies, COFFEE QUESTION! What do you sweeten your coffee with? I just ran out of agave today, and I’m trying to decide if I should get Coconut Sugar? What are your thoughts?


After breakfast yesterday I went to my parents house to do tons of laundry. While I was doing laundry, I got down to business with my taxes and organized that down to every receipt I’ve collected this year. Weird this was… I actually loved doing it!

While I was working away, I got a knock on the door from the UPS Man! My business cards came!

NOTE* My business cards came, but not the stickers! I promise, I have not forgot you all asking about the stickers- we just cannot find the right place to order them through yet. I want them to be great!

IMG_1051.JPG IMG_1052.JPG

What do you think? They are double sided, hard, and shiny! If you want business cards, let me know and I’ll connect you to Nikki!


For a snack at the parents, I had almonds and apple + PB

IMG_1056.JPG IMG_1059.JPG

After I did laundry and all got down to all the business side of HHTS, I went home and got ready to take my Dad out on a special Daddy/Daughter Date!

{What I Wore}

Shirt: Nordstrom Rack

Skinny Jeans: Paige

Shoes (that you can’t see): Jessica Simpson

Watch: Marc Jacobs

Necklace: Stella + Dot

Bracelet: Stella + Dot

Ring: Stella + Dot

Other ring: Marco 😉


Love this little ring!


For dinner, we went to Two Trees Cafe in Ventura. So yummy!

I started off with a side salad. It came with cheese, so I just removed it. I never think to ask if there’s going to be cheese on the side salad! Always catches me off guard.


For dinner, I ordered salmon with veggies, salmon, and a baked potato. So good!

It was so fun spending time with my Dad. My parents are seriously such a blessing to me.


After dinner, I got a text from friends saying that they were meeting at Cafe Fiore. So, I drove right on down, had a glass of wine, and skipped the food (I had literally just eaten).


As I left, I thought of something nice I could do for Marco since he had been at work from 11:30-8:30… BLENDERS! He would love that! So, I got us a PB Smoothie with Soy Milk, Carob, and Spirulina. We split it, and it was delicious. I ate mine with a spoon so that it really felt like a treat 🙂

Alrighty everyone! I am off to work! I hope you all have have a wonderful day!


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