Day 1: Dinner by Dad

Good evening everyone! Today has been a good day.

I was actually texting someone earlier, talking to them about how I felt on this first day of the Challenge, and one thing I realized was that I DID NOT hit a 2pm slump like I have been the past few months! I have been literally hitting a wall at 2pm, feeling soo extremely exhausted. It’s like I could lay down for 4 hours and nap. Today that didn’t happen! Now, I was out all day… I went grocery shopping with my cousin to help her get started, visited friends, and then met with another cousin of mine, so that COULD be why… BUT, if it’s because of the way I ate today, then I’m stoked! I guess I’ll just have to see again tomorrow!

At about 4pm I drank a small glass of Kefir. I bought some today because I heard it was really good for digestion.

I wouldn’t say this necessarily tasted GOOD, but I could see how it could be an acquired taste… It tastes like drinkable plain yogurt. I guess it would… because that’s what it is 😉

I can see this being great for smoothies, as an afternoon snack with some fruit blended in.

At about 7pm, I ate dinner. My Dad cooked this pork today in the crockpot, and mixed it with green sauce and let it all soak- holy goodness.

I laid it over a bed of thinly shredded cabbage and added some avocado on top

So good!

Lastly, after I cleaned up the kitchen, I decided to cut up some of the fruits and veggies that I bought today so they’d be easy and read to eat. I had a few pieces of pineapple before I put it away. Pineapple is good!

Now I’m off to have a girls night! Time for the Bachelorette! I missed the first episode! Probably a good thing because I ended up zoning out during TV shows and I think that was a long one. Who is watching?

One more question today that I got:

-Is popcorn a grain?

From what I have gathered from internet research (I was not sure of this either), Popcorn is a whole grain. So it’s a no no during this time.

How are you all feeling? I know everyone in my house is feeling good today! But I want to know, any struggles so far?

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