DAY 1 of 6-8 Week Challenge: breakfast & snack :)

Hello everyone! Here is MEAL #1 of the 6-8 Weeks No Grains, No Sugar, No Cheese Diet! It is my goal to show you as many fun, new, different, tasty things as I can!





Something different: Egg Frittata with ‘Salad’ on top!




First, grab a yummy tomato and cut it like so. If you want, use cherry tomatoes and bake them in the oven until they look like wrinkly little tomatoes (this makes them delicious and sweet- it’s my favorite way to eat this, but we were all out!)




Grab your ingredients, and get your eggs goin

For the eggs:

-Whisk together 2 whole eggs, 1 white

-BUTTER your pan so the eggs don’t stick

-Let it cook until the Frittata can easily move around the pan and then flip

*Cook on medium heat- be patient with your eggs so they don’t burn!* 🙂




Mix together a handful of spring mix, a tsp. of olive oil, and a few shakes of balsamic vinegar. Add sea-salt and pepper if you’d like! Oh, and don’t forget your favorite herbs- like rosemary!




Place the frittata in the plate, put the salad on top, and place your tomatoes delicately on top




Grab your cup of coffee with unsweetened almond milk & agave (yes, you can still have agave! Woohoo!)




Look at the beautiful color! I love colorful foods 🙂 And we know from Nan Gibbons in her guest post, that they are extremely healthy for you!





Here is the snack that I am taking to school today. I will be there from 8:30-3, and then I work directly after until 6pm. The eggs were a good thing to keep me full for many hours today! Lot’s of protein will do that 🙂




-A cherry pie LARA BAR

-28g of Raw Almonds

-38g of Just Mango Slices from TJ’s

Have a beautiful day! I’ll see you back there the next time I make something! With this diet, don’t plan “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” if you can avoid it. I find that it’s best to take this time to really listen to your body and eat whenever you’re hungry, and don’t eat when you’re not. Let’s take this time to learn more about our bodies!

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