Day 1: Routine Challenge

Good-morning all!

An inside look at my daily routine (and how many times I hit my snooze button!)

Today is day one of the routine challenge I told you about on Thursday. Since I wrote that post I have been inspired to wake up earlier between 5:30 and 6:00. So I’ve already had a few days of this and it feels so good to wake up early.

Now don’t get me wrong, it does NOT feel good to wake up early when my alarm goes off. When my alarm goes off my brain immediately thinks of every reason I should keep sleeping.

But then I remember when I woke up early the day before and how good it felt when I was sitting on the couch before anyone else was awake, reading, sipping coffee, and little Abby was laying at my feet. I loved it. So worth it.

Mornings that peaceful only happen when I’m alone. I need SOLID alone time. Once Marco is up or people are here at the house working (we’re landscaping our backyard right now) it’s not as peaceful. Love them, but love my silent quiet-time first. Ha!

Those of you with little’s relate on a way larger scale. Speaking of those of you with littles – please don’t compare your routine to mine. And those with new borns, Lord. Grace grace grace. You’re doing incredible!

I know how much you have going on as a mama and I know getting even one morning moment to yourself is a HUGE thing. Each of us here thinking about the days we want to create should allow our routine to be different from anyone else’s. Okay?

This is not a compare game – this is a personal experient for each of us to find a rythm that brings us joy and helps to do/get more of what we want. Great. Let’s dive in to my report of where I’m at. And then I want to hear from you in the comments!


This morning I woke up at 6:15 AM. I had my alarm set for 5:30 and snoozed it twice, turned it off once, and woke at 6:15 without an alarm. HAHA. Great report for day one!

I wanted to come here and tell you that I was determined, dedicated and did it. But this morning when my alarm went off my brain remembered that it was Sunday and decided it was a great day to sleep longer (haha).

Once I realized I was sleeping in a bit (and remembered that my conscious brain *really did* want to be awake so I could enjoy a quiet Sunday morning) I got up. I walked downstairs, let Abby out, made my coffee, turned on worship music and the fireplace and snuggled up on the couch with my basket of quiet time books.

As I sat here (in the same spot that I am writing this post to you) I had that moment of gratitude for being awake “Gosh, even though it’s tough to get up, I’m always so happy that I did.”

THIS IS THE THOUGHT that my half-asleep barely-conscious brain HAS to remember in the morning if I want to follow through and get out of bed, otherwise… it’s not happening.

The thoughts that say “What are you thinking? Sleep in! Go back to bed. There’s nothing you HAVE TO do this early…” will always win unless I remember that I will *be happier* once I stand up, walk downstairs, grab my coffee and my books and am enjoying the peace and quiet of an early morning.

The plan for the rest of today is: a walk with Abby at 8:15, breakfast and getting ready to follow, a solo Church date with myself at 11:00, lunch at home, the gym, and then working on the house with Marco and the landscaper. We’re working on insulating the garage, too. Lot’s to be done!

This evening we’ll have dinner (make or go out, not sure yet!) and relax. I love unstructured evenings and intentional mornings. Usually I leave weekends more unplanned, but because this weekend has been fuller, I mapped it out a bit more.

Your Turn

Are you working through this routine challenge with me? How did today go? Share your wins and struggles – they’re all welcome here! What felt good? What did you learn?

I’ll be back tomorrow to report on tomorrow morning and share how the rest of today went. If you’re wondering why I’m talking about routine read this post. If at any point you want to view all of the posts in this series just click here.

Love, Paige

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