DAY 10: Another insane wedding! Too much fun!

Hello everyone! Sorry I was MIA yesterday, I was at my cousin Mimi’s wedding! It was soo much fun! I wore my shoes for 14 hours and now I have blisters on the BOTTOM of my feet! I’d give you all full permission to make fun of my walk if we were in person 😉

Yesterday for breakfast I ate an apple pie LARA BAR. Around noon, after we got on the road we stopped at Coffee Bean and I got this fat-free greek yogurt with honey and a NSA Vanilla Latte! Mmmm!

My favorite! After Coffee Bean we went to Nordi’s Rack to kill some time before the wedding… terrible… shopping, again… I know!

The wedding was so fun right from the start! For dinner we had Mexican food and there was plenty for my mom & I to eat. We had chicken, beef, and beans with some delicious and fresh guacamole! Sooo good! Other than this that’s all I ate yesterday, plus some margaritas! (Sugar, I know- but it’s different) 😉

Here is my brother in the green house! Haha, just look how awesome he is. I had soo much fun with him last night! We danced the night away! We didn’t stop all night!

Oh and here I am just eating some basil… hehe

Chase and I 🙂

My family!

We were so proud that we all kept our shoes on all night! I was proud until this morning when I woke up stepping on blisters! Ahhh!

Me and the beautiful bride! Mimi! I love you Mims 🙂

This was taking just for all of my readers… because I love you guys and know you’d appreciate some silliness 😉

My cousins! About 1/600th of them. I have the biggest family!

Me & Zach! The groom’s son! We had such a great time 🙂

Love, Paige

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