Day 10: Routine Challenge

My "WHY" for starting a 20-day routine challenge and what I've learned so far.

Good-afternoon, friends!

Today is day 10 of the routine challenge. My “WHY” for starting this routine challenge was as follows…

My “Why” for this Challenge

“I love routine. I love routine because it allows me to do all the things in life I want to do. When I’m consistent with a routine, it allows me to *know* that the things I love will fit into my life. That feels great to me. 

Plus, there’s a part of me that just wants to prove to myself that ‘I’ve got this!’ I want to feel the empowerment that comes from following through on something that I want.” –From the first post

The Results So Far…

This has been so friggin’ true so far. Having more of a routine HAS allowed me to do all the things. It HAS left me feeling *incredibly* empowered from following through, even when my brain hasn’t wanted to follow through.

It has given me that sense of knowing that I can fit in all of the things I love. It’s also made me so aware of how *valuable* time is and how I don’t want to spend it on things that don’t have any return.

I’m not talking about watching TV – for me, sometimes that gives a great return – rather, I’m talking about things like not getting out of bed when I said I would or dilly-dallying around the house and wasting time.

When I do that, here’s what happens – scenario: “I’m going to take Abby for a walk at 8:15.” That time rolls around and I say “Eh, I’ll stay in bed longer.” I walk downstairs about 8:25 and notice things that “need” to be picked up around the house. I pick them up. I then notice the toilet paper is low in the bathroom. I restock it. Then I realize I’m hungry. I make breakfast. By now it’s 9:15 and I realize ‘Wow, where does the time go? I only have 45 minutes until I start work. I can either take Abby for a walk or get dressed for the day.” (Both things I really wanted to do to have the best day possible.)

See how that happens? When I create a routine for the next day, instead, and I stick to it, I get to: wake up early, have quiet time, drink coffee, hang with Marco, walk Abby, eat breakfast, shower and get ready, and start work on time. ALL of the things I planned get to happen when I stick to a schedule. *I like* all of these things to happen.

For some, you’re in a season where this is way too much or *you’d rather* do less. THAT’S FINE. Your routine gets to be yours; your routine gets to be what makes YOU happy. The point is, routine helps you to create MORE time by using your time effeciently. And guess who’s in charge of your routine? YOU! Which means everything you plan gets to be on your terms, because you wanted to plan it. No one else gets to decide for you (though, others may influence what you choose to do, because you need to feed them – ahem, babies and kido’s). It’s ALL good. It gets to be what works for you in *this* season of your life.

Today’s Routine

Today started off with a 6:30 wakeup time (still planning my mornings to catch up on sleep from the weekend) and coffee with Abby and Marco. Following that time I took Abby for a “wun” and hit the gym. After the gym I stopped by a new location of Old World Coffee (so happy there’s a great coffee shop in south town now!) and got myself a cappuccino. Following, I came home, had a financial coaching session, worked for a few hours, showered and had another coaching session (health coaching). This week is all “overflow” because my coaching calendar is packed full (love this!).

It’s been an awesome day. When I’m off at 6:00 Marco and I are going to go shopping for bathing suits for him, tile for the backyard, and toys for our Abby. When we’re home, we’ll relax and watch a movie.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow! And I’ll do my best to show you tomorrow’s routine on Instagram tonight @paigeschmidt.

Your Turn

Share share share! Doing the routine challenge too? Celebrate with me what you can celebrate about YOU! In what ways have you felt accomplished this week? In what ways are you proud of yourself? Time to focus on the GOOD and show yourself just how darn capable you really are. YOU ARE.

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