DAY 11: Soo snacky today!

Good evening everyone! Hope you have all had a relaxing Sunday! My day has been almost too relaxing! Haha, I’m so used to being so busy all the time that today was shocking to me!

After I got home from babysitting, I lounged around all day with my Mom & watched episode after episode of recorded All My Childrens, and ate a lot of food (at least it was healthy!) 😉

This morning my Mom made us all breakfast. 2 eggs, a scoop of potatoes and 1 piece of turkey sausage. It was delicious!

Right after breakfast I was still hungry so I had 1/2 cup non-fat plain greek yogurt & honey. Everything else was eaten between 12 & 8pm…. I was basically just snacky all day, so I’ll just say what everything is 🙂

Peanut butter cookie LARABAR

Kiwi, which by the way only has 25 calories, 0.6g fiber, and 0.6g protein. ZERO grams of sugar! Crazy, right?

Next, a pluot and green grapes

Then, I had a small side salad and 1 can of Amy’s Organic Lentil Soup

Another Kiwi

A nectarine

And a salad with Carne Asada and a small scoop of potato salad. The dressing is homemade ranch dressing.

Lastly, I had a grapefruit!

I feel like this is the most I have ever posted! Haha, it’s a ton of stuff, but being home all day, laying in bed, watching SOAP Operas does that to you 😉

I would have gotten out of the house like my tips say, but I have a crazy amount of blisters on my feel and can hardly walk! Haha, and yes, the BOTTOM of my feet! Eeek!

I hope you all have a great night! I’ll see you back here tomorrow 🙂

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