DAY 12: A productive day, but my eyes are done!

Good evening everyone! Hope you have all day a wonderful day. Today is the 12th day of the No Grains, No sugar, No Cheese Challenge. Can you believe just about 2 weeks has already gone by? I don’t feel it at all! I haven’t missed out on a single thing, and I am feeling so great!

This morning I took my Mom to work bright and early because my brother was using her car for the night. After I dropped her off I went to Coffee Bean before class. I got breakfast: non-fat plain greek yogurt with honey, and a small NSA Vanilla Latte. Probably my favorite breakfast right now.

I had school for 6 hours today, so to tide me over I took almonds and a cherry LARABAR. This was the perfect boost of energy.

After school I went grocery shopping and came home to make lunch. To clear a little room in the fridge I finished off the last couple pieces of watermelon. Big container, hardly any content… just doesn’t work… haha

For lunch I used a couple new things I bough from Trader Joes, and put them together

Egg white salad with chives, only 100 cal for the whole thing, and wasabi sea-weed snacks! Only 25 cal for 1/2 the container! I probably used about 5! Soo low-cal and delicious!

This was a total success! I loved the spicyness of the wasabi seaweed!

Mmm mmm good. Not to mention, this kept me full about 6 hours! Good protein in this one.

For dinner I had a small bowl of homemade black bean chili, and salad with sugar plum tomotoes

The chili was outstanding and the sugar plum tomatoes added the perfect sweetness to my salad!

A couple hours after dinner, I snacked on some fruit. I needed a study break and to be woken up! Staring at bones for hours can make your eyes excessively tired. Tonight is for productivity. Gotta keep it going!

I also bought oranges today, because we haven’t had them at the house for a while. Needed to change up the fruit selection!

Anyways, that’s my day! Now, I am studying and writing essays, so I’m going to get off the blog and get to work. I hope you have all had a great day!

Oh, and one more thing, I know a lot of you are still going strong on the challenge. Send me an e-mail at and let me know how it’s going for you! Whether good or bad, I want to hear it all! Maybe y’all could tell me what you’re eating too 🙂

Sweet dreams tonight!

Love, Paige

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