Day 12: Routine Challenge

What a routine challenge is teaching me about grace and pursuing my life calling, my potential, and a great, full life that is fully lived.

Hi ladies,

Day 11 is missing because in the spirit of a “routine challenge” I totally forgot a part of my routine and didn’t blog yesterday. HAHA. Grace grace grace.

I got swept up in financial coaching and then friends came over for dinner. It was a blast and very worth it to forget a blog post, but I thought I’d share because as we embark on challenging ourselves it will never be PERFECT and that’s okay.

Even this morning, it was such a struggle to get out of bed when my alarm went off at 6:00 AM. Such a struggle that my brain said “Noooo why’d you plan to get up so early? Just snooze once… then twice… then ‘what if you just forget your alarm altogether? How convenient would that be?'” HAHA.

I ended up getting out of bed at 6:30, having quiet time, sipping coffee, getting ready and meeting a friend for coffee, which were all of the things I wanted to do. So all is good in the day.

But I totally get it and experience what you are likely experiencing too as you embark on making ANY change and that is that your brain will FIRE OFF all of the reasons why you shouldn’t make the change. Why you should just do what you’ve always done.

Stay cozy in bed. Don’t wake up. Don’t go the extra mile. It won’t be THAT bad if you sleep in / miss the workout / don’t plan the date night.

Again, I just continue to recognize that my brain loves to keep me alive. To keep me safe. To keep me comfortable. To stop when I’m tired. To not go the extra mile. My brain is interested in minimum and efficient.

While my life calling, my potential, is totally interested in a great day. A great life. A full life. One that is FULLY LIVED.

If I were to listen to my brain I would not:

  • take risks
  • wake up early to have a more inspired morning
  • make an effort to hit the grocery store and prepare
  • plan ahead
  • make beyond fun plans
  • go the extra mile
  • put in effort toward a fun/new activity
  • try something new

But then, there’s this quote:

โ€œThere is no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential.โ€ โ€”Charles Schulz

This quote reminds me to listen to my potential and to GUIDE MY BRAIN. To be the leader of my brain. To not have my brain lead me.

Here’s a small example of the other night:

The other night I wanted to go to Trader Joe’s and it was late. My brain said “I’m too tired, it’s too cold, that doesn’t sound good” and then I said to myself “I’m going to do this for my body anyway.” It was such an act of love and choosing my body getting to feel good instead of just doing what was easy. It ended up not even being hard and I have been so happy to have the groceries that I love on hand.

Are you following? Do you resonate? What is your potential? That part of you that KNOWS what is possible for you in the big picture and in your daily life… What does SHE know is possible for you? What does a GREAT existence look like for you? How does your brain try and stop you? What are the “stop signs” that pop up when you start to go toward that dream/idea/thing?

Share with me in the comments what’s coming up for you today in the routine challenge. I’ll be back tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

Love, Paige

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