Day 13: Routine Challenge

Read how to create a flexible, spontaneous routine around work.

Hey all!

Today is the day before the LAST day of the routine challenge. I’ll blog again tomorrow on day 14 which will total two weeks. I can’t believe how fast that has flown by! I’ll continue having routine once this challenge wraps up. I love it!

Today: The only part of today that I mapped out was wake-up time, a morning meeting, and an 11:00 AM class I’m taking. The rest was flexible and spontaneous around work. I need this variety in my week.


  • 7:00 alarm / wake / coffee / QT
  • 7:30 shower / dress (cozy)
  • 8:00 house meeting (construction)
  • 9:00 breakfast / work
  • 11:00 coaching class
  • 1:00 another house meeting (backyard tile)
  • 2:00 end work and UNWIND (probably includes the gym with Marco)

My 8:00 AM meeting finished a bit early so I went to visit with our neighbor friends and helped my cousin pack up her car (she just moved to Reno too!).

When I got home I made breakfast (sourdough toast, hummus, and a scrambled egg on top – yum!) and got to work.

Today’s workday consists of:

  • finances (always check in on all finances on Fridays)
  • this blog post
  • organizing my office / to-do’s
  • email inbox (totally clearing)
  • prepping for upcoming Discovery Sessions
  • working through a program I’m doing for myself
  • working on finishing touches on a new program I’ve created for YOU!

Tomorrow will be much the same. I’ll map out the morning (I’m actually working a bit in the morning – my version of “overtime”) and then my family is coming into town. The rest of the weekend will be for fun and rejuvenation!

I’ll see you back here tomorrow morning! See you then. Oh, and by the way… what would you like to see on the blog next? Daily eats? Any post/topic requests? Put your thoughts in the comments!

Love, Paige

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