Day 14: Routine Challenge

Celebrating blue skies in Reno, Nevada and the final day of a 14-day routine challenge!

Writing to you this morning is a very happy girl.

Very happy that I had two amazing coaching sessions this morning.

Very happy that I just ordered a box of nine different Daily Harvest cups (a client told me she was loving it and so I wanted to try it!). I had only ever seen these in ads so I was iffy. Now that I’ve heard they’re good, thought it would be fun! (I don’t do sponsored posts – this is not sponsored.)

Very happy because we have family coming into town today and that’s always fun!

Very happy because THE SKY IS BLUE IN RENO and that feels like a big deal.

It’s also the final day of this routine challenge and I couldn’t feel happier that I did it. That WE did it. Go you for challenging yourself and doing new things and making your brain move through discomfort!

Marco’s schedule switches this Monday, which means so will my routine, so my plan is to sit down with him and create some routine together to keep it going. It’s felt really, really good.

I hope you enjoyed this challenge! As I shared I’m putting together a coaching call on routine, coming soon. I’ll keep you updated though email, so if you’re not on my email list, hop on below!

Thanks for hanging with me though this challenge 🙂 I’ll be back Monday with a new post. Perhaps some daily eats? I mean, look at all these eats… don’t you want more?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you’d like to see next on the blog. That’s it for today’s check-in. Have a GREAT weekend!

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