DAY 15: My first real Indian food experience had me “cheating” a little

Hello friends! Wow, these past two days have been BUSY! With my Dad’s Birthday on Thursday, and everything going on with school today I haven’t even had a chance to get on!

Yesterday morning I had my usual probiotic smoothie for breakfast, then I went to school until 3

At school I ate this. Lunch consisted of 1 small green apple (sliced), yogurt & honey, and pecan LARABAR. Okay, so this was SO simple, but SO GOOD! I actually forgot to take a spoon, so I was forced to dip my apples in the yogurt. Turns out- it’s my new favorite thing! The yogurt and the honey had sat together for a little while, and turned SO extra good! The apple dipped in it was amazing! YOU MUST DO THIS!

Later in the evening around 5, I had this small snack of cottage cheese and pineapples. Another favorite of mine right now. At about 6 we left to Van Nuys to meet my brother and his wife for my Dads Birthday Dinner, and we ate dinner at about 8:30. Good thing I had that snack!

Here is me & the Birthday boy (who was convinced that it was everyones Birthday, haha). We had such a great time!

Wait… is that grain…? Well… YES! It is! Now don’t freak out, it’s okay… I had a piece of grain last night at dinner, because it was my first real Indian Food experience, and I was not going to miss out on this little taste of something. That would have messed up my mindset more than staying on the diet would have helped! Haha. I had one small piece and skipped the rice and bread (because clearly I’ve had rice and bread before).

On the cracker we put these delicious sauces. Some were fruity, some were minty, and the other was pickled carrots and jalapenos. SO good! I was seriously impressed!

With dinner I had this yogurty-mango drink. It was soo good, and perfect to eat with the spicy Indian food! It cooled you right off!

This was my dinner plate, I sampled a bit of each of the curries. Every single one was outstanding!

And guess what else I did to celebrate with my Dad? I ate sugar! I’m such a bad, girl… I know 😉 I did not stop my diet or anything, nor was I freaking out that I ate sugar. I had one VERY little piece, because it was my Dads Birthday, and I wasn’t going to get this experience back again. I am still on my diet, and probably won’t go off it again (I didn’t need to last time), but last night I wanted to enjoy my first Indian Food experience, and I sure did 🙂

The people at the Indian food place were SO GREAT and they even gave us VIP cards so that we could get 15% off EVERY time we go there- which means I will definitely be returning! If you live in LA, please try Anarbagh!

I hope you guys enjoy the post! You’ll have to write me and let me know your thoughts on Indian food! I was sooo pleased! I could see it easily becoming a favorite of mine!

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