DAY 16: My product review of Peeled Snacks!

Friends! Today has been an exciting day for me! I’m just happier than normal, and that’s pretty dang happy! Let me tell you about it… Just the simplest things!

First off, I got to go to Step Class this morning, which I have missed SO much since school started! I love the elliptical, but nothing beats a class full of awesome people with great music, all workin our butts off by DANCING! I got SUCH a good workout and swear I was smiling the whole way through. I was so happy! I drank my probiotic smoothie before class, and it gave me good energy!

Second, I came home from the gym with my Dad, and my Mom made us breakfast! I had one egg, one white, one piece of turkey sausage, and a very little portion of potatoes. I would call it about 1/4 a serving.

After breakfast I got lots of organizing and studying done. I love feeling like I’ve got everything in order, getting all cleaned up, and being ready for the next thing coming my way. It’s a good feeling! For lunch I snacked on an apple pear with Yogurt & honey. Yes, I dipped the apple pear in the yogurt & honey. It was soo good! I LOVE doing this now!

After lunch I worked for a while, and then came home to switch cars with my Momma! We’re switching for a week! She has a super nice (fast) Volvo that I just love, and were switching just for fun (don’t worry Mom, I’m not speeding)! 😉 What a sweetie she is, right?! It’s so fun to drive! After getting her car, I got my snacks for school ready, went over to Coffee Bean, grabbed my latte, and went to my Anatomy Lab. Tonight was our “eat food and study night” in Anatomy. It was actually totally fun! Everyone brought way TOO much food, and had such a good time! There wasn’t anything on my diet there, except for watermelon and Starbucks Coffee (yes, someone is that amazing) so I had those. I was perfectly happy with that, too! I had so much fun studying with my friends. Anatomy is different than any other class I’ve ever taken. I have made the best friends, and studying doesn’t feel like work when I am with them. It’s just like hanging out! I am very happy with school to say the least 🙂

When I got home from class, I walked inside to my package from Peeled Snacks! Remember the review I told you all about?! Here it is!

I opened it up and there was a little note 🙂

They gave me soo many different things to try, so I’ll be posting all throughout the week! I’m SUPER excited about this! What a blessing! You have probably all seen Peeled Snacks at Starbucks or Whole Foods. If not, look for it so you’ll know what I am talking about! 🙂

Tonight, I decided to open up the Cherries, because I wanted to let you guys know my opinion. First of all, I love that they’re organic! The ingredients are “Organic Cherries,” nothing else! No added sugar or any of that junk. Secondly, they taste SO fresh and they’re super plump! I am VERY pleased with this company, and will now buy my dried fruit from them (especially since they were nice enough to send me all of this stuff!)

I ate a few cherries and am saving the rest for tomorrow. I think I’ll have some greek yogurt with cherries for breakfast! Stay tuned for more of my opinions! I hope all the other flavors are just as good- I’ll let you know!

Anyways, I hope you have all had a wonderful day! I am off to bed, I have another busy day tomorrow! I’m babysitting from 6am-12pm, then meeting my friend Emma to study @ 3, then heading over to the gym with her when we’re done! I look forward to posting again after that! Have a great Friday night y’all!

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