DAY 21: What’s your take on Coconut Water?

Good morning world! I hope you all had a great nights sleep! I sure did. I woke up at 5am this morning because I wanted to have plenty of quiet time before I go to breakfast this morning, with a long day of school/work following. That time is the most important thing me! I love being up before (most) the rest of the world 🙂


I woke up at 5:45 yesterday and had my quiet time for hours! I consider my quiet time to be waking up, reading my bible/devotional, journaling, and then having the morning to do whatever I enjoy. For example, blogging!

For breakfast yesterday I had a very little meal, as you can see. It was half a banana sliced up really tiny, with about 1 tbsp. of warm PB drizzled over the top, and about 1 tsp. of honey. It was sweet, small, perfectly satisfying, and just what I needed because I wasn’t too hungry.

Before I left for school I had 8oz of Mango Lassi on ice. Have you guys ever had Mango Lassi? I had it at the Indian Food restaurant I went to for my Dads Birthday. It was great, so when I saw it at Trader Joes I quickly snagged it off the shelf! It’s a yogurt drink, with something like 15 BILLION live cultures. It’s so good!

After school, I came home and ate lunch. I heated this soup, with chopped up carrots in it for 1 hr. on LOW heat. You don’t have to spend this much time making by any means, especially if you don’t add carrots. But I wanted the carrots to get REALLY soft, and I wanted the soup to pick up the sweet flavor- so this was the perfect way to cook it.


By the time I ate it the carrots were perfectly soft, and the soup had SUCH good flavor!

During work I had 1/2 an apple pear, and 1/2 a banana. Griffin had over 2 hours of homework yesterday (crazy for a 7th grader) and we had to split a couple pieces of fruit to stay focused


When he left I made a quick omelet! This is my 3 egg white, spinach, minced onion, bacon, and salsa omelet. It’s truly one of my favorite things right now; it’s so good, only 85 calories, and so filling!

Don’t you love when you discover something that’s so good, so healthy, and so easy?!

After dinner I went and picked up my Lula and we went to the gym. I burned 700 cals again and then did floor exercises. We both kept talking about how quickly it goes by when you have a friend and you’re chatting away the whole time- this is SO true!

After the gym I snacked on this pluot & my Coconut water (above ^). I liked the Coconut water okay, but if it doesn’t really have health benefits then I’m going to say “why bother?” The one I got has ZERO Cholesterol, ZERO Fat, and ZERO sugar. It’s got 5 electrolytes and is supposed to be VERY hydrating.

Do any of you know more about Coconut Water?

I also had a small bag of Peeled Snacks Apple. It was so delicious. I love every single one that I’ve tried. I’m really thankful that they sent these over! I’m going to buy more once I run out. Now I just need LARABAR to send me samples to review 😉 Haha!

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