Day 23: The perfect cup of coffee to kick off Fall!

Wow! It’s been WAY too long! So sorry that I’ve been so MIA. Three days have passed, and I’ve been so busy, I haven’t even noticed! I’ve got to catch you guys up! More than focusing on food though, I’m going to focus on life! I’ll put what I ate at the bottom of each post in case you’re just dying to know that too! This weekend has just been a blast!

Friday morning I woke up @ 5:30 and went to pick up my friend James

We drove to SB to get coffee and look at the coast while it was still dark outside. This is how I wanted to celebrate the FIRST DAY OF FALL! 🙂

The coffee shop we went to was so cozy and cute! It is called French Press

I got a soy cappuccino and he got a Vanilla Latte. So yummy! They had GREAT coffee! Highly recommend this place if you live, or are ever in SB!

When we got back to Ventura we were both starved so we pulled over to a little place called The Cottage on Main and grabbed these parfaits. They were so good! The girl accidently put granola on mine, but I wasn’t going to fuss. I simply took it off and enjoyed my parfait.

After that we drove down to the beach as it was raining and hung out and talked for a little, until I convinced James to run with me to Target so I could buy a new camera. That was a success, and I am loving my little camera!

A couple hours after we split I met my friend Aubrey for lunch at Urbane Cafe. The place I used to work! It’s always so good, and the soup tasted perfect for a cloudy/dewy day!

Later, I picked up Megan and Griffin to take them to a hair appointment. I must say, those boys were quite hyper and entertaining the whole time. I had fun.

Here is Griffster getting all styled up!

To distract them while Megan’s hair was being styled, I took them down the street to in-n-out. Can anyone think of a better distraction? I don’t think so! These boys were in heaven!

Later that evening, I watching my sweet Chloe girl and we walked to the grocery store and all around the neighborhood to get some exercise and get outside! She was SO happy on Friday night. I had the best time with her. This is typical by the way… ONE shoe must always be off while walking. It’s just a rule of hers…

Todays Daily Eats:

Coffee, Cappuccino, Yogurt + small Chai Latte, Artichoke Soup & Salad, Mango Lassi Drink, Egg Whites, and Quinoa w. Soybeans for dinner

Love, Paige

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