DAY 24: Sometimes some freebies are just necessary

To start off Saturday, I went to my cousin Jamies babyshower. It was so beautiful getting to see her joy and love for her little Bella on the way!

This is me & my cousin Haley being totally us 😉

Look how cute and special everything was set up!

The food was beautiful, and soo good!

The only problem is that I let everyone go first and I got nibbles of food on my plate. I didn’t even finish that potato salad because I’m one who feels like potato salad needs to go with something else, not just alone. Haha, can anyone relate? Or am I just special? 😉

Jamie & Bella!

After the baby shower I got in the car and began my little journey to LA, to meet my friend Zack for the LA County fair. Before I left I grabbed a Coffee Bean NSA Vanilla Latte. Mmm this was SO good! I love when that happens! (The Lara Bars were just for the car- never ate them)

Except for this one. I had this Apple Pie LARA with my Coffee. Mmm mmm good!

When we got to the fair Zack decided the fair was all about eating the food too, so he grabbed the biggest turkey leg I’ve ever seen!

After devouring about the turkey leg baby we went on a ride. It was so fun, but felt so dangerous! You know what I mean? You’re at the top hanging upside down thinking “awesome… someone put this together with a few bolts and screw in about 3 days…” Haha!

Yes, we did this. The whole thing spun fast, and each individual arm spun at the same time. It was crazy! But very fun!

Me… Zack… and my ICE CREAM CONE! HE MADE ME DO IT! Haha, this was only the second time we hungout, and I did not want to be that “annoying person” who is like “no, sorry… I can’t eat that… can’t eat that… nope, I’m on a diet… nope, not that one either…” You all get the gist. So, we got dessert. It was either that or I had to eat a 10 lb brick of chili fries- EW! BTW… This was SO good with sprinkles! Haha

Total Daily Food:

Coffee, 1/2 Blueberry LARA, a little food from the shower, NSA Vanilla Latte, Apple Pie LARA, Ice Cream cone with sprinkles

Love, Paige

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