DAY 26: A really great simple dinner

Okay, ALL caught up! Now were at TODAY! Monday the 26th. The 26th day of the No Grains, No Cheese, and No Sugar Diet. I hope you’ve all had great luck, and have been okay with making exceptions when you’ve needed! Don’t ever be too hard on yourself. 1 day is better than nothing at all, and I’m sure you guys have done way more than that! 🙂

This morning I had my usual pre-school breakfast when I’m in a hurry. It’s perfect! Look at that cute butt in the background 😉

At school I snacked on a Lemon LARABAR

When I got home I had Quinoa with roasted veggies and HOT salsa! It was soo good! I’m loving Quinoa! It REALLY keeps me full!

After lunch I picked up Griffin from school to take him to his Doctors Apt. He doesn’t know this, but I caught him playin’ with the toddler toys 😉

For dinner my Mom made this INCREDIBLE meal! It looks SO simple, and it is, but it is SO good! It’s very THINLY shredded cabbage with chili & onions on top. The texture and combination is great! It reminded me of eating the inside of a really good Taco Bell Taco… Just much healthier. Now I secretly love those… so hopefully you do too 😉

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