DAY 28: A delicious soup for dinner

This morning I was in a hurry, so while I was getting ready I threw some eggs on the stove to hard-boil them for the day. I knew it would be an easy, filling thing to take with me.

For breakfast I had a soft-boiled egg with pepper & paprika (soft-boiled is when the inside is like half boiled; it’s not quite as hard as “hard-boiled”)

For lunch I had a hard boiled egg. Today has been SOO BUSY so this is really all I’ve had time for, and luckily the protein has kept me full.

For dinner I had this big bowl of soup. This soup is White Bean and Vegetable. It’s a delicious, super creamy treat! I LOVED this soup! I actually got it at my Moms hospital when I went to visit her while running errands for Megan (the lady I nanny for). The hospital actually has good food!

A couple hours after dinner I enjoyed this Naked Juice which I also bought from the hospital! Now, I am off to babysit for the night for the second time today! Well, third if you count nannying too. Woohoo!

Love, Paige

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