DAY 29: Quinoa Parfait!

So, I have integrated Quinoa into my breakfast parfait now!

Greek Yogurt, Quinoa, and banana! Mmm mmm good!

This was the perfect, taste breakfast. Reminds me of rice pudding because of the texture!

For lunch I had collard greens with black eyed peas on top!

My dad cooked the greens, and slow cooked the beans and I just threw them together. It was seriously to die for! And SO healthy!

Later, after cleaning my room for a while, I had this hard boiled egg. I took the yolk out and mixed it with a tsp. of greek yogurt, paprika, and pepper. It was so good! Way to replace the mayo!

Today I also ate:

An apple pear

A cashew cookie LARABAR

A mango smoothie with greek yogurt, almond milk, and frozen mango

Love, Paige

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