DAY 3: BBQ with the family!

So, today I went to a family BBQ and had such a great time! My cousin Haley came from from College for the weekend, so some of the family got together 🙂

Right when I arrived, she gifted me with these fresh blackberries right from her backyard back home. Such a sweet thoughtful gift 🙂 I can’t wait to eat these!

My cousin Holly made these desserts! Look how beautiful! You bet I was wishing I could try one! That’s okay though, that just means we’ll have to make them again after the Diet, and get a bunch of girls together.

See? Positive thinking! Haha

These are the other desserts I had to turn down! Homemade Apple Pie

and Homemade Brownies! Mmm mmm! I enjoyed everyones company instead of indulging. Even better 🙂

This was my plate. I was so excited that I could eat just about all the food there! I packed this baby full!

I had salad, 1 small chicken leg, watermelon & cantaloupe, and my aunts AMAZING potatoes! Soo good! I was definitely full after this, and skipped dinner tonight because I am still not hungry. This was one hearty meal!

This is the dressing that I put on my salad today, and MY was it good! I’m now on a hunt for this, as it only has 1g of sugar and 60cal/2tbsp! That’s REALLY good for salad dressing!

Look at my sweet baby nephew 🙂

Here is my beautiful family. I love them all sooo much! My brother Terry Jr. (standing), my brother Chase (sitting), Me, my Momma, and my Daddy! So happy to have us all together today! It was so special!

My brothers & I hanging out 🙂 Oh! And Mr. Dougie Fresh

Haley & Jarette 🙂

Megan and her date…. 😉 I feel ya Megs! Let’s keep it that way for a while! Haha!

My cute brothers!

Of course, I ruined made the picture!

Grandma Rhonda with baby Kingston!

And to end the BBQ, Haley sang 2 worship songs to us. She has a BEAUTIFUL voice! Always a treat! Love you Hayz, SO glad you’re home for a few days!

Alright everyone, so day 3 is DONE! I hope you all had success on your 3rd day! See how quickly it’s going? Feels like we haven’t even started! 😉 I love hearing how much people are enjoying it! It gives me extra motivation and makes me SO PROUD of all you guys! GREAT JOB!

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