DAY 35: Allow me to share my little food logs!

So, you might be wondering… “Why isn’t she posting her daily eats anymore?”

Well, the whole truth, and nothin but the truth (hehe) is that I just simply have not had enough time to picture everything. I still put it in my phone though, so that I can have a list to share with you all when the challenge is over; just like last time.

Here are my daily eats from DAY 30 on…

I know I know, pumkin spice latte has sugar, but it would be bad for my health NOT to have this… I mean… it’s fall! Common 😉

This was a Saturday, busy as always. Oh, and the mangos are frozen and diced. To me, they taste like little tid-bits of ice cream… at least that’s what I like to think 😉

This was an incredibly busy Sunday. Also, I ate breakfast (the 1:30) meal so late because my little Momma (love you Mom!) couldn’t decide what she wanted for over an hour, and then we had a wait! Haha, I was STARVED by this time and completely cleaned my plate. This was not a “small” plate. It was the average “american restaurant breakfast” haha! No wonder it kept me full!

This is a typical Monday for me! Lots of school, work, and gym!

This was yesterday. I got the fro-yo because my craving was too much to handle. I went grocery shopping for my job, and drove straight to the frozen yogurt place after. Not to mention, I got the frozen yogurt for FREE! This was soo awesome because the only reason I didn’t want to go is bc I’m trying to save $ as much as possible. Haha, this was like the cherry on top of the whole day. Yesterday was just GOOD!

The dinner was DELICIOUS and I so should have taken a picture! My mom made it. It was a bed of shredded romaine lettuce with verrry lean taco-seasoned hamburger meat, and very yummy/healthy refried beans. It was sooo good! Tastes like a tostada without the shell & cheese. Trust me, it was just as good if not better too! Healthy tastes good! No, no… Healthy HITS THE SPOT! 😉

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