DAY 38: Going cabbage crazy!

Yes, you read it right! I’m going cabbage crazy. But not in a bad way, like you may be thinking.

Last night my dad shredded some more cabbage on his fancy birthday present from a little while back. He loves this thing, and for that reason, so do we (my mom & I)!

For dinner last night, I felt like eating some soup. Since he had just grated up some cabbage, I decided to let some cook into my soup, too. Personally, I like cabbage, but really, you can’t taste it that much when it’s cooked down. It’s like hiding health into your food for free!

There are so many health benefits to cabbage. Whole Foods calls it one of the healthiest foods. You can read about it here.

So, here was my soup last night. It was delicious! I hope it looks somewhat appetizing, because the taste was so good!

I had to use a fork to eat my stringy cabbage. It kind of gave it a noodle soup effect. Which I liked since I haven’t had grains in a long time.

Today, I used my cabbage a bit differently. I took pinto beans that my dad had made, and I put them on top of a thin layer of cabbage with avocado and salsa. I liked adding salsa because it gave it more of a “wet-ness” that I enjoyed.

My favorite way to have cabbage is to saute it in some olive oil or sesame oil! Mm! Or, put chili on top (which many of my friends tried and told me they loved too- try it!)

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