DAY 38: Happy to have my Oatmeal back! :)

Ooh baby! I am so happy to have my Oatmeal back!

I am definitely feeling better after I ate my grains, too! See, we really should listen to our bodies, shouldn’t we?

Now, do I feel 100% better? No. I think I am actually a little bit sick, but I feel that my body is trying to fight it off, and I needed to add some more substantial food to help it along. So yes, I feel much better, but not 100%. I am confident that I’ll be better in a few days 🙂

My Oatmeal:

-One pack of Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal from Quaker Instant Oatmeal (trying to finish these off so they’re not wasted. Then I’ll be eating “real” Old Fashioned Oats again)

-1/2 a nana

-1/16 cup of Maple Agave Syrup

-1 tbsp. Organic Shredded Coconut

-Just a few walnuts all chopped up

-A few million dashes of happiness

You should have seen the smile on my face at the first bite! It just gets better throughout the day, too!

The next thing I had, not too long after, was Ezekiel Bread w/ PB and nana

The peanut butter I use is Organic from Trader Joes. No silly fillers included.

And yes, I used the other half of my nana on this open-facer. This was just delish!

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