DAY 38: Why am I bringing back GRAINS?

So, this post will be the last post of the No Grains, No Sugar, No Cheese Challenge for me.

Is it early? Yes.

Is it necessary for me to end? Yes.

I have been feeling so sick this last week. I continue to get this burning sensation from the middle of my “tummy” directly above my diaphragm, up into my throat. It feels as if I have the flu and am going to get sick. The weird thing is that it makes me feel instantly hungry again after I eat.

Along with this feeling of burning hunger, I have also felt irritable, dizzy, fatigued, and weak.

Because of all of this, I went to see my Naturopath last week, and he gave me supplements that he thought might help. I also tried to eat a little bit more.

The hematic formula is: “A 100% natural food complex of folate, vitamin B-12, vitamin C, and iron. The iron is 100% organic from food and not metal like other iron supplements so it will not constipate the bowel or become toxic.”

The Cataplex B is: “Source of Vitamin B complex factors. Supports Heart function, muscle tone, Nervous system function. Assists with low energy, and emotional stability.”

While these seemed to help with the fatigue, irritability, and weakness, they did not help with the burning/nauseating feeling within my tummy.

My guess is that I am in need of grains. I’m not only slightly sure of this, but I am in fact almost positive. I know what my body is telling me, and it’s screaming for grains. Here’s how I know:

Last time I did this diet, I recorded everything I ate. At the end of the diet, here is what I wrote in my notepad: “It’s been 7 weeks now. I am feeling so sick this week. I am going to end this list today. It has been so helpful. This is definitely for me, I have absolutely loved this way of eating and haven’t had any trouble. It has changed my relationship with food completely.”

Now, from reading this you can see why I would do the diet again. I was thrilled with the results of my mindset. I remember that last week, like it was yesterday. I had developed the flu, was tired, hot/cold, shaking, vomiting, etc. I was incredibly sick. The day that I ate grains, was also the last day of my flu. I knew that day that I had to have them, and I was convinced that was the only thing that was going to make me feel better. That day I ate this 1/2 burrito (funny I still have the picture, I know! Haha)

Let me just tell you, my body LOVED this burrito! I felt so much better that day, and I started eating grains & cheese again. Some sugar, but not much (I never really started eating a lot of sugar again).

I have the same feeling today, and am going to have grains at my next meal and see how I feel. I am still going to continue to stay off of sugar and cheese, but I will be adding back in HEALTHY grains.

My Mom is at the store as I write this, buying Ezekiel bread. I will be adding in brown-rice, Oatmeal, and sprouted grains/or 100% whole grains. I will not be adding in white-flours, white-rices, white-pastas, etc. I want to stay healthy, and I am very happy to still not add cheese or sugar to things. I don’t miss sugar even a little. I get my sugar from fruit. Rich desserts and things like Ice Cream don’t even look appealing anymore. Cheese still looks appealing when I see it melting onto a sandwich, or in bleu-cheese dressing, but that’s about it. I can handle leaving it out of my diet for the most part.

Today is DAY 38. The six week marker would be on DAY 42, and my Mom is going to continue until then, if not longer. She is still feeling great, which I am so happy about! She has lost quite a bit of weight, and has really learned to quit the carb/sweet-snacking.

If someone were to ask me if I would do this again, my answer would be yes; although for me, 4 weeks is good. After about a month of going without grains my body gets sick and I just simply feel like I need more. My body starts to feel “starved” no matter how much I eat.

I will post again tonight with my dinner, and you all know how I am feeling! If anyone else stuck to this diet the whole time, let me know how you feel, and how you’re transitioning back into eating more grains (or cheese/sugar). Hopefully you’re doing it slowly!

If you guys have ANY questions about my experience, please ask here, or email me at I will be happy to answer! 🙂

Stay tuned for my thoughts on my dinner with GRAINS tonight!

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