Day 4: 7 Day Slim Down (Meal 2-5) and a big THANK YOU!

Good evening everyone! Wow! You guys are showing the love today!

Before I write ANYTHING, I want to THANK EACH and every one of you! I greatly appreciate all the sharing, the comments, the new followers, the little notes… everything! You guys are honestly making me so happy! So, THANK YOU!

For Meal 2 today, I had half a grapefruit with stevia

This is the stevia that I use- but I hear Truvia is better, so I am probably going to make a switch!

Thanks to my Tone It Up girls for the recommendation! 🙂

For Meal 3, I had salad with chicken and tomatoes, celery, and an apple with cinnamon!

To get the cinnamon all over the apple, I put a tiny spoonful of apple juice in the container to shake it around. It gave it a yummy flavor, and really helped to spread the cinnamon evenly!

I used the leftover 4oz of chicken that I had from my dinner last night.

Leftovers are AWESOME for dieting by the way! Makes things so convenient!

For Meal 4, I had a Slim Down smoothie! Almond milk, protein powder, water, ice and cinnamon.

Yea, have you ever thought of putting cinnamon in your protein drink? Hmm… maybe it is comparable to a Chai… WAIT! Just got such a great idea!

Okay, so next time I make this, I am going to let a chai tea bag sit in the water FIRST, and then add the Tea to the smoothie! Maybe it will be a new healthy Chai?!

For Meal 5, my SWEET Mama, who also bought me a Coffee Bean giftcard today, made us all dinner!

And she made it Tone It Up friendly! Now, I have heard a girl on twitter talking about how her Mom is their best cheerleader (Hi Krystina– click name to follow her on twitter! She’s on a healthy journey too!), and this made me feel just the same! My Mom even went on my BootyCall walk with me this morning! Awesome!

And I need to thank my boyfriend too, because he’s going on another walk with me tonight! I am way too exhausted today, for a full blown, high intensity workout.

I already did some floor exercises, and the two 30/40 minute walks today will make me feel great!

Speaking of my boyfriend… look who’s gum I sat in! 😉

Thanks Darling! 😉 Haha, we got it off though. Phew! I told him (jokingly of course) that for Valentines Day he was getting a new pair of Lulu yoga pants… that I would be wearing! Haha 🙂

Okay loves, well, I am off to go for a walk and hangout with my honey! I wish you all a great night, and I will see you here in the morning for DAY 5! Can you believe it’s already here?! Wow!

Love, Paige

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