Day 4: Routine Challenge

How I'm intentionally and intuitively making routine part of my week and each day.

Hey all!

It’s evening (6:45 PM to be exact) as I’m writing this. It’s been a FULL day of client work (health and finance coaching!) and it’s been so good.

I wanted to get a check-in in before I wrap up the day (and my routine for the day!). Tonight is for RELAXING.

This morning I woke up at 5:39 (one snooze, guys!) and was so tired. First thought: “These mornings are catching up to me, I should sleep.”

Second thought: “No, you love being up once you’re up. Get up.” I got up and again within 15 minutes I was so grateful I was awake (daily story!).

I hopped in the shower around 6:45, left the house by 7:45 to hit Trader Joe’s, Target and the post office to mail new client gifts.

I was home by 9:30, ate breakfast and have been with clients since 10:30 this morning.

I’m sleepy but also STOKED. I feel so good about what having this routine has helped me accomplish and not just accomplish but ENJOY this week.

I will do one more early 5:30 morning tomorrow and then give myself the option of 7:00 AM on Friday. Maybe. HA! I leave at noon on Friday to fly to Palm Springs, CA to celebrate my friend Bry. Wahoo!

There will be ZERO routine happening this weekend, just celebrating our girl! By the way, there will also be no blog posts this weekend, but I will be over on Instagram if you wanna hang 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow and then on Monday to check-in.

Recap So Far

I’m tired.

I’m stoked.

I feel great!

Can those all exist together? Haha!

What’s REALLY Working

I think it’s worth mentioning that instead of planning my whole week at once I’ve been doing a blend of both: planning each day the night before and planning the week.

Things I plan a week ahead: client sessions, when I’ll go to the grocery store, when blog posts and emails happen, etc.

Things I plan the night before: anything else I want to do through the day like wake up time, quiet time, walks with Abby, exercise, and FUN stuff.

There are no rules in any of it and I get to decide one day at a time. There’s also NO black and white thinking that exists. Every decision comes from “what is in my best interests?”

I also have not been letting my brain lead me. My brain just wants to keep me safe and have an easy-as-possible life. Instead, I do what I know is best (in my gut) and my brain follows US. My brain is always happier for it, too.

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I really want to hear from you. Where are you in this routine challenge for yourself? What’s working? What have you learned? What do you like? What’s tough? What’s tough but you’re doing it anyways?

Love, Paige

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