Day 5: 7 Day Slim Down (Meal 3, 4, & 5) + your Valentines Day treat(s)?

Hello Tumblies and Tone It Up Girls! Hope Day 5 is going great for you all!

This has been the easiest day by far of the 7 Day Slim Down!

For Meal 3 I had a pear (I also switched Meal 3 & 4… such a switch-a-roo-er)

For Meal 4, I had kale, spinach, green bell pepper, and tofu.

YUM! The tofu tasted so great because I have been overdosing on chicken lately! Haha, I seasoned it with Ceyenne pepper & red pepper flakes, my oh my! I love spicy so this was great!

The tomatoes on top added the perfect touch!

I used a tiny bit of water in the pan to let everything steam together. I put all the veggies and tofu in at the same time, and let them cook about 10 minutes or so over medium heat. Perfect! I drained the water before I added the seasoning too 🙂

For Meal 5, I had asparagus, spinach, and chicken leftover from last nights dinner.

This was also so good! I never knew veggies and chicken could taste so good. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some variety, but for just one week, this is totally fine. I know come Valentines Day I’m getting myself some Chocolate 😉

What are you going to treat yourself with on Valentines Day? 

This was a MUST post. Add the word “Mornings” to this photo and I am complete.

I love my mornings, I love my coffee, and I love reading! This cuuuute picture makes me excited to get to bed just so I can wake up early and enjoy some time to myself!

Love, Paige

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