DAY 5: Eating at a family BBQ

Hello everyone! Okay, now it’s time to play catch up because I have been having too much fun since yesterday morning! 🙂

Yesterday, after I went shopping (found a CUTE pair of flats for cheapish at Nordi’s Rack) Kayla came to Ventura and we went over to my family BBQ! We had a great time!

Being the little sweetheart that she is, she did the diet while she was down to support my Mom & I. We ate the exact same thing.

We had burgers with no cheese or bun, potato salad, fresh fruit, and we split a little hot dog because they just looked so good!

The food was delicious, and we went back for more fruit for dessert while everyone was enjoying cake, brownies, chocolate/caramel covered strawberries/angel food cake… etc… You get the picture! Self-control, Paige! 😉

Here is me & Kayla, my best friend! She’s amazing, and we had such a good time. Thank you for coming down Miss K! Love you! 🙂

Here is me & my cousin Jaimie. I’m holding Bella! The baby girl in her belly!

And here is little Kingston! Soo cute! He’s such a happy baby, I just love being around him. He has his first little cold right now, and still, he can smile like this almost the whole day. Such a good little boy!

Love, Paige

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