DAY 5: Eating smaller portions feels good!

Good morning everyone! Hope you are all having a peaceful, relaxing morning! I woke up a little bit early today so I could have some quiet time to read/relax. I put all my study books away and I’m not even going to think about school today. My family is having a BBQ at my cousins house, Kayla is coming down to stay the night, and it’s Labor Day Weekend! NO work allowed today- just relaxing and being so thankful that I am able to have a job and learn in school. Some people don’t get those special opportunities.

So, this morning after relaxing, I decided to make a little breakfast. I chose apple sauce with my delicious cup of coffee. I put cinnamon on both this morning just for that cozy warming flavor 🙂

Last night I was looking back at my list, and remembered how much I ALWAYS ate what I was feeling like at the time of a meal/snack, and in small portions. I told myself “you can have this small portion now, and if you’re still hungry in 30 minutes or so, you can have more.” Every time without fail I was fine, and didn’t need more. So I’m going to focus in a little more on doing that now 🙂

Plus, eating smaller portions just feels good. Don’t you think?

How is everyone doing on the diet so far? Feeling good? We’re on DAY 5! Before you know it, we’ll be done with our first week! Great job everyone. I am really proud 🙂

Note: my Mom is still going strong with me, and actually enjoying it! I am so thankful that she joined me. It’s so fun to shop together and make meals (whenever we get a chance) together.


I also snacked on this about 1.5 hours after my apple sauce 🙂 I got hungry again, and a peanut butter LARA BAR sounded just right.

I have a confession this morning. I just saw the newpaper and got the Rachel Zoe report, and it made me want to go shopping and snag the amazing sales that are out today, so I’m totally skipping step this morning bc I’m so limited on time today! Oops! Haha, my exercise is going to be walking all over shopping 😉 See you guys back here soon!


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